Monday, January 25, 2010

Studio Judging Day, An Award, A Mystery Song, and a Grown up Actress....

Studio Judging day went great!

I have to say these three were the best:

1. Rachel's lyrical. It was great!. I liked the song. It was sweet. The song was "You're beautiful as you are" I think...Lol.

2. Meh big sister, Frankie's solo! It was like..a lyrical ballet sort of thing, to a tropical tune and it was so cool! She had on genie clothes! :)

3. It's hard to say, but it's like a tie between my friend Devyn's lycial solo to "Maybe" from the Annie movie, or my friend Sammie's jazz solo to "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Out of Your Hair" Both were great!

I think I did pretty good. Mom said that everybody clapped loud and started yelling when I got done. :D I dunno, though. My polishing teacher, Miss Kim, was sitting right in center where I could see her, and she was smiling. When I first got on stage, my knees were shaking! I kept almost falling when I was getting in place, but mom said you couldn't tell. :)



Madison at Madcrafts Gave me this award!

The Sunshine award! ;)

I'm giving it to...

Allyson (My friend with a private blog)

Love ya Allyson! :)

My mommy!


Miss Lynn at Country Heart and Roses!

My mom knows her from the Country Sampler Forum! :) Her son, Daniel's friend, and my Uncle Richie met up in Iraq!

Miss Erin at Sharing Life and Love.

I love her blog. She has a little girl, Maia, adopted from China, and she's been helping my mom out alot through the process of adopting Luke! :D And her daughter Shae can really sing! :O

Thanks again Madison!

Okay, so after the very first year of my dancing at DAB, my little cousin Laci and I were watching the recital video! I had gone into the kitchen to get some yummy brownies, and Laci comes running in there just as I take a bite. "JOY JOY COME ER' COME ER' I wants to show you somethin'!" (( Yes, that's how she talked! :) )) So I followed her back into the bedroom, having to leave my precious brownie, and looked at the dance. It was a junior, Mackenzie. She's really nice, and it was her solo. I love that song now! But I can't find it on youtube! I've looked all over! I think it's called Sticks and Stones. Help me! =)


Have any of you seen the American Girl movie, Felicity? It's one of the best. I love Felicity. Well the other day, I was on Foopets, making a new little character for this book thingy on one of the forums, and I was going to make her look like the girl that plays Felicity! So I typed in the Felicity movie website. Now some people I know watch this show called "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" For the record, I hate that show. It's a show that does not have it's morals right.... I'm disappointed in Shailene Woodley. She plays the main part. I had seen her picture, and I thought she looked familiar. Well turns out, she's the girl that played Felicity! It's so cool! She's really pretty, too! Look!



Well, that's about it! Thanks for stopping by!

God Bless,
Love Joy


Lynn said...

Joy, I just knew you'd do great at your studio judging day!

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog on your blog today! You're so sweet Joy!

Congratulation's on the Sunshine Award from your friend Madison!

Have a great day Joy!

Love & Blessings,

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I thought everybody did a really good job with their dances! I was really proud of you! You did great!

Thank you for my award! Congratulations on yours! That's a sweet one!

Love you! 10!

Sharing Life and Love said...

Joy! You are too sweet. Thanks for the award---can I put it on my blog (I want to brag about my award!)

I just watched your dance---Girl, you can move! I loved your costume, too.

Shae is a dancer, too! She is now studying Musical Theatre and will be in her college's Spring Show, Grease. So, keep dancing!

You also might like Shae's Grad song, The Climb:
(The song starts at 1:59)


Never So Simple said...


I am so glad you danced. I bet you were beautiful. I know your Mom and Dad were so proud of you.


Nancy M. said...

I really enjoyed the video of you dancing on your mom's site! You were wonderful!

green gables girl said...

Thank-you do much Joy for giving me that award! I really appreciate it!

Yes I have seen Felicity, and I love it!I've also read the series of American girl, too. Wow, I didn't know that's how she looks now! I can hardly tell it's her!

heyjessc said...

Hey Joy,

My mom (Never So Simple or Donna) talks about you and your mom all the time. So, since I've started my own blog I decided to follow your blog and get to know a little more about you.

I love your music choices! :)


Leah Kate said...

Wow Joy! I didn't expect that at all. I really liked the Felicity movie. I have seen commericals for the show but I never saw it in her. :D Bye bye luv Leah Kate

Madison said...

I know right Joy! I also just found out that that girl was her and I was so shocked I knew she looked familiar! And I LOVE Felicity! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOY! May God make it wonderful!

Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Lynn said...

Just wanted to stop in today and say... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you JOY"! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I'm sending you lots of love and lots and lots of Birthday Hugs!! You are such a sweetie!! You most definately are growing up way to fast!! Have a wonderful day!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Happy Birthday Joy. I hope your life is filled with joy and sunshine.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Your mom let us know it was your birthday, so I wanted to wish you a wonderful one.
Happy Birthday Joy!

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