{I Believe}

- I believe that the only way to get to Heaven is through faith in Jesus Christ.  In other words, I believe that you have to trust not in your actions to get you to Heaven, but in the fact that Jesus Christ is God's One and Only Son and was sent to die on the cross as the ransom for our sins (Romans 10:9).

-In the same way, I believe that believing in Jesus and praying the prayer of salvation and then going on with your life as normal is not how a Christian should act.  When you say that prayer, when you become a Christian, you are completely giving your life over to Jesus.  We're called to be radical.  We're called to pick up our crosses daily and follow Him.  That's what a follower of Jesus, a Christian, does.  We're called to be like Jesus, because He's poured out crazy, mind-blowing, humbling love for us when we least deserved it, and He tells us to do the same thing for others.

- I believe that every life matters, and that abortion is wrong, no matter what the circumstances.  Why is it that when a person kills a pregnant woman, it's called double murder, but when a woman aborts her baby, it's called pro-choice?

- I believe that the modern way of dating is unbiblical, and dangerous--dangerous to a girl and a guy's purity, physically and emotionally.  It has become a game--a sort of emotional roller coaster for the sake of a title or some entertainment or satisfaction that won't less.  I believe it's wise to wait until you're a late teen to date, because I believe the sole purpose of dating is to find out who God has for you to marry.  I believe that there is a godly way to date/court, and I've written several blog posts about that.

- I believe that prayer, God, and the Bible should be put back in all schools, as well as the Pledge of Allegiance.  Whoever wants the next generation the most will get them.  Today's schoolchildren are tomorrow's presidents, government leaders, teachers, and more.  When the younger generations lose their faith in God, the country begins to go downhill.  I believe that the reason why there is so much brokenness and pain and hurt among us is because so many of us have not chosen Jesus.  He's the only thing that can truly satisfy--without Him, we're just chasing empty dreams.

- I believe in the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20).

- I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman only.

- I believe in right and wrong as they are defined in the Bible.

- I believe in the Biblical creation account as it is defined in the Bible.

-I believe that the church shouldn't be a building, or just a worship service a couple of times a week, or a place you go.  It should be a living, breathing, growing, active community of people who are in love with Jesus and are striving to live out His love and share it with others--a community of people who are not exclusive, and not a club, but a group of people with open arms.  I believe church needs to be a place where we can be vulnerable with each other, and grow together and do life together, follow Jesus together, and further God's kingdom together.


Emilie Kay ♪ said...

I believe the exact same as you(: Check out my blog at letnomandespisethyyouth.blogspot.com

Misty said...

What an inspiration!! You are setting such a fine example for young ladies across the world. I'll be praying for you and your blog...Keep up the good work!!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Thank you for being bold with your convictions and what you believe. I believe you are a wise young lady and I pray that you will always stand strong with a heart for the Lord!

I love you! 10!

Kathryn said...


Isabella said...

Amen! I believe the EXACT same as you!


Ty said...

May I use this for a My Beliefs page on my blog if I give you the credit for writing this?

Kennedy Dukes said...

I agree for the most part with you. Our convictions about dating are a little different, And I would be glad to talk about that with you if you want! I mostly agree but I think they are a bit different. Contact me at kenndukes@gmai.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy!
I believe exactly like you also!! Thanks for being so bold about what you believe. there's never any need to apologize about what you believe. I agreed with you on everything! Your blog is awesome, btw!

Daniel Brewer II said...

Right on! Especially the fact that salvation is much more meaningful than an empty "salvation prayer." God may call us to cry out for his salvation, but it is certainly not a meaningless action due to peer pressure. Real change, real beliefs, real Church. That's how we roll!


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