Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Best Birthday! {Ever!!}

So, you might think by the title, I had some Giant-ly big party...well....No. :]

I wanted A big fancy dance party at a banquet room. But of course, things don't always go as planned! :P

I was brain-storming. I wanted a sleepover, but I also wanted something my few guy friends and guy cousins could come to.


Why not have a laid back, "hangin' out" kinda party? I mean, that's what I love to do with all my friends, anyway.

So, we had it at a local church Family Life Center/Gym/Snack roomish thing. It was a sort of "Sports Party". We played Kickball, Dodgeball(Fun fun fun! :D), Baseball, Freeze Tag, and then we slid back and forth in the slippery gym floor! And the whole time we had Taylor Swift music jammin' in the background. And we had food and cupcakes instead of a cake. I like cupcakes better. =) Mom suprised me with a lot of extra decorations. She had a banner, and lots and lots of two liter drinks! We're still drinking them, and my party was the fifth! :O It was SO fun!!

We had a lot of kids.


Molly Grace
Miss Elizabeth(Belle's mom)



Belle's mom, Grandmama, Pop, Pawpaw, and Amber didn't play, but Mom and Colt and Dad did! It was really fun!!

Now, for what I got! :)

Matt and Sarah gave me a card with money!! :) Sarah signed it with our "Signature Greeting" from the Youtuber "Fred's" video, and Matt signed it with his nickname given by me, "Matticus"!

Hannah gave me a "Hoops and Yoyo"Card and money!! Hoops and Yoyo are sooo cute! They're like little cartoon green and pink monkeys from Halmark, and they put them on cards. They have HILAROUS voices, and they have really funny catchphrases! :P

Ian has this thing about NEVER setting foot in Walmart(Crazy, insane Ian...) so he sent his dad to Walmart and he went in Blockbuster and got me a gift card! Thanks Ian!

Molly Grace and her mom gave me this and a cute card!

So cute! It goes good with my room, and it's a dancer! (How ironic. Lol.) Thanks ya'll!

Katie gave me a Taylor Swift CD! Thank you sooo much Katie! :) I came straight home and put it in our player and played it for like a week, then put it in the car! I love Taylor Swift's music. It's really fun and has good beats and Taylor Swift has a way with words. I'm pretty sure that "Change" is sort of a Christian song, but even if it isn't, I still LOVE it!

Grandmama and Pop got me money, and Pop picked the card out! :D It was really cute!

Pawpaw gave me money, too! It feels good to have a check in your hand. ;-D

I don't remember if either me or my mom put up a picture of the frame I made for Christina, but she went all out! She got me a pack of Nerds(knowing I love Sour candy), A jewelry making kit, and guess what!-A frame!! It's so cute! I love it Christina! Thank you sooooo much! =)

Bella got me a little kit where they have pictures of girl faces, and you draw on hair and makeup and clothes! It's awesome, and it gives you stencils. That's great, because I can't draw.......hehe. :) Thanks Bella!

Colt and his girlfriend Amber went in together on a laptop case for me! It's so cute! Amber wrote my name on it in her creative way-It's adorable! And lime! Thanks, Colt-Thanks Amber!

Graham and Eli got me a card and money! Thanks guys!

Cheyenne, she knew me so well, she got me this. Words cannot explain how great it is to carry these faces around on your shoulder....*long sigh*

Mom and dad are giving me money to go towards whatever I want........I'm 99.9 percent sure it's going to be a guitar so I can start lessons from Colt, but there's one percent that I'm thinking a typewriter. Yes, you heard me right, a typewriter. I've always thought they were cool, and when we go in Antique stores, I always bring some paper to try one out. I like hearing them click, and seeing the faded ink. :) So I'm not quite sure yet, and I think it would be hard to take care of a typewriter, so I'm leaning towards waiting until next year. :)

So, here, dad took a picture of Pop, Grandmama, and Amber at a table. No, Pop didn't eat too much cupcake, he was acting silly. Lol. :D

And here is some of us at the table. I don't think dad got any pictures of all of us, but....

The guy at the end, yellow shirt is Ian, then the guy beside him is Matt. The girl beside him is...Guess who! ME!! Yes, me! :) Haha. =D At the other end is Cheyenne, and the girl beside her in the blue jacket is Christina, and the girl beside her is Katie. She and Christina and I took dance together for three years, but now Katie's going somewhere else.

That's me, Ian beside me, and Colt standing behind me, and Bella beside me! So, you don't see Colt behind me in very many pictures because he's at work and school a lot, right? Well here, you might think he was coming to just "talk"? No, he was coming to get some of my fries. :D Silly Colt. I can't wait until he and Luke team up. Teehee.......=)

Please pray for meeeee, My stomach has been hurting SO BAD Since about Tuesday. I think my friends are tired of me complaining over text. :) Hehe. Thanks for dealing with it, Cheyenne. I'm doing what the doctor told me to do and taking like, four pills a day.

We got more snow, for the third time, and my mom has some pictures on her blog. :) It was really fun!! Mom says she's getting tired of it, because it hasn't melted yet, but I think it's pretty to be inside and see a huge, thick blanket of whiteness on your usually yard. Some of it is ice, some of it is hardly packed snow, some of it is water that looks like ice, and some of it is just plain snow, but it looks pretty anyway. Except for the roads.....they look icky. Lol.

Phew! That, my friends, was a lot! But, anyway, thanks for reading to the very.tippy.bitty.itty.tiny....end! Sorry I haven't posted in a while!

Love, Joy


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I'm so glad you had a fun birthday party! I think it had to be the "easiest" ones I've ever planned for you! I had fun too...but my muscles paid for all that playing the next couple of days! :)

I still can't believe you're already 11! I love you!


Debbie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful party filled with lots of fun, family and friends!

Have you been playing in the snow lately?

Take Care,

Nancy M. said...

It looks like you had a great birthday! Love all the cool presents you got!

Never So Simple said...

Looks like you had a great party. Boy you got a lot of great gifts. Jessica and Eleni love Taylor Swift. Guess who liked her first yep it was me. :)

Happy Birthday and I hope your tummy gets better soon.


Madison said...

That sounds like an AWESOME party! I LOVE Taylor Swift, And I LOVE the Jonas Brothers, to me thats the best gift combination!LOL I will pray for your stomach too! I can't wait till my birthday!

green gables girl said...

I cannot say everything that I wish to say, but it looks like you had a great birthday!
I wish I could wish you Happy birthday in person!

I hope your stomach feels better. I will pray.

Have a wonderful day!
Love, Lyssie

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