Friday, June 26, 2009

Awesome Parents and Faithful Fridays I went in my brother's room and got his old phone(I asked him later). I finally talked my mom and dad into getting a sim card for me to put in, and I would pay eleven dollars a month for the extra line (from my allowance). I wouldn't pay (or use) minutes. I would only call people that were Cingular and AT&T like us. We have unlimited family texting, so I wouldn't have to pay that either.

Well, first of all, I wasn't supposed to get it until Friday, but I happened to get it sooner. Sooooo.........I came inside, went to my room, and no sooner did I do that, and mom called out, "Joy........your sims card came in!" I ran in, and tore into the box! Can you guess what I found? Let me give you some hints. It was wine red, skinny, AWESOME, and it has a touch screen.......

YEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's an AWESOME phone, from some AWESOME parents.....the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is:

Do you like it? I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now, my phone is also something I'm thankful for, but my brother is sick(pray for him to get better), I KNOW we will not get sick, because we are praying that we won't. Also, two of our nursing home friends, Ms. D, and Ms. E, are in the hospital, and Ms. E is over 100, and Ms. D, is having blood pressure and heart problems. Please pray for them.

If you have done a Faithful Friday post, let me know in a comment, and I'll check out your post and leave a comment. But please, comment anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love, Joy =D


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I want a touch screen phone so bad but will have to yours:)

Sharon said...

Love the phone. You do have Awesome parents!!
I will pray for your brother and your family.
I would like a prayer request for my 15yr granddaughter who will be undergoing surgery on July 7th.
thank you.

green gables girl said...

That is such a cool phone! I sooooo wish I had one!

I will pray for those people.
Love, Lyssie

wrcdgc said...

Love your new phone! :)
I hope Colt feels better soon.


Shellmo said...

That's a really nice photo you got Joy!! I know you will love it!! I hope your brother and your friends get better soon!

Madison said...

Joy do I like it no I don't I looove it!!!! I love touch screens if I ever get a phone I hope it is the iphone!! Glad you got one!!!

Love, Madison

This Country Girl said...


I sure wish I had my camera out for your face when you saw it was actually a phone! I'm glad you're happy and I know you're going to be very responsible with it!

I love you! 10!

Zaroga said...

Here I am wanting to get away from the phone :-) Congrats, Joy!

I'll pray for Colt and for your friends. I participated in Faithful Fridays with Joy.

I hope you are having a fun summer.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

You are a truly blessed with some wonderful parents. I like your phone!

I will pray that Colt and your other friends.

Take care,

JenW!~ said...

Great looking phone.Your a lucky girl to have such great parents. Saying prayers for your brother and friends.

a southern girl said...

Hey Joy!

WOW! I really like your new phone! =D
I will be praying for your friends and your brother!

Have a good day!

~A Southern Girl~

Madison said...

Hey Joy just to let you know I love your new profile photo!! And I am honored to be on your favorite blog list!!

Love, Madison

Tyler said...

So cool. Have so much fun with it...

Tammy said...

Wow, your own phone!!! It's beautiful, too!
You ARE lucky...because my girls won't be getting their own phones for quite a while! ;)

I will say a prayer for your brother, Joy...

Oh, and did you realize it was "Lyssie's" 10th birthday yesterday? If you haven't yet, go over and wish her a happy b-day! She's going to have a few friends over next weekend for a slumber party and told me she SO wishes she could invite you too, because even though she hasn't met you she feels like you are such a close friend. :)

kristina said...

I loooooove your phone it is awsom i want it!!!!!!!!Im so jealous!!but id rather have an iphone sorry.

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