Monday, February 23, 2009

That Crafty Feeling

Yesterday, I got the crafty feeling. Ya know......where you feel like just crafting something....anything!!! Well, Mom and Dad were asleep, and I was bored (Colt was gone on a youth trip). I thought of all the things I could do to be, crochet, paint, draw, sculpt, ect. Then all the sudden, DING!!!!!! I can make jewelry from the kit my friend, Christina, gave me!!!! So, I sat down to work. Here is the kit before I ripped into it like Christmas (Wink):

Second layer of wrapping paper.....=D.....

I made a bracelet. Here it is:

My Mom got up just as I was finishing it and told me that she and I had to fold some clothes for Colt because she promised him that she would keep the laundry caught up while he was gone. I told her I would take care of the clothes so that she could make a bracelet. At first, she was telling me no, there was a whole dryer full of clothes, but then.....with my cute face on (and a little persistance), I told her I could take care of it and for her to sit, and make. So, she did, and when I was almost done with the clothes, she came in with this little beauty, and she told me it was her gift to me. Thanks, Mom! Love ya! Here it is:


Janene said...

Joy~Both of those bracelets are wonderful! And what a nice quiet craft project while your Dad and Mom were sleeping...I'm sure that they appreciated it!
Can you come over and fold my clothes for me!
Have a great Monday!

CozyCoops Corner said...

Oh how pretty ! I love your bracelets ! That looks like a very fun jewelry kit you have Joy !
Have a great day !
Janae ;-)

Shellmo said...

How fun to make jewelry! I love both the bracelets you and your mom made! Now its the kitties turn to make one..... LOL!! :)

The Whites said...

Sweet bracelets, Joy. You're right - us moms can't resist those little faces sometimes!


a southern girl said...

I LOVE the bracelets you and your mom made. They are very pretty!:-)
I used to buy those metal beads at Walmart,and make those kind of bracelets all the time!:-D
I also used to make blankets and pillows for my 6 American girl dolls..... I have Kirsten,Kit,Felicity,Nellie,Samantha and Elizabeth......

BTW....I really en"joy" your blog!:-) lol!
Maybe you could stop in for a visit to my blog sometime.......??
"Thoughts From A Southern Girl"

Have a great day!
~A sOuThErN gIrL~

green gables girl said...

Hey, Joy!
Wow!, that's a pretty bracelet that you made!
You mom made a beautiful one too! love it!

I probably would have of commented yesterday, but we had such a busy day! :)

I heard that you saw AnnE (with a 'E') of green gables for the first time!
Don't you just love that movie? I know I do! (a lot)

Any way, love your bracelets!

great pen pal+friend=You!

luv, Allyson

Amber said...

Cute bracelets! I like doing stuff like that, too. I'm trying to get my comment to go through again.

Amber said...

Yea! It went through!

This Country Girl said...


Christina knew the perfect gift for you! It was a great thing for a Sunday afternoon! I love the bracelets! Thank you for folding the clothes!

Love you,

Kath said...

Oh Joy, I love your jewelry! You and your mom did a very nice job :) Love the colors! What a fun craft project.

Have a wonderful day-Kath

Zaroga said...

Both beautiful bracelets. Good of you to fold the laundry so your Mom could have some fun.


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