Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Giveaway and Letter E

First, I want to announce that Ms. Shelley is having a Spring Giveaway. So click on over and take a look.


E is for elephant. This is Ella, my Webkinz Silky Elephant.

This is the Webkinz trade mark. It's on every Wekinz. So if you want to know if a stuffed animal is a Webkinz, look for the giant W. Here it is:




Janene said...

My daughter received that same Elephant for Christmas this year!
We have yet to enter the code on the computer...she just mostly likes to cuddle him.
She likes to pretend it is Horton's baby!
Have a great day Joy!
Tell your Mom I said Hi!

wrcdgc said...

Oh the elephant is so cute! Do you have others or is this your only Webkinz?


a southern girl said...

I love your little elephant!She is sooooo CUTE!
I would appreciate that very much if you wanted to annouce my blog on your blog! :-)Thanks!

~A sOuThErN gIrL~

Amber said...

Hey, Joy,
The elephant is SOOOO CUTE!

This Country Girl said...

I love so many of the Webkinz, Joy, that it would be hard to pick a favorite, but Ella is so cute! That's was a great choice for the letter "E"!

Have a wonderful day!

Love you,

Susan said...

Hey Joy,
I love Webkinz. I know I'm too old for them but I really like playing online at Webkinz. Hope you have a great evening.

Shellmo said...

Joy - thanks for posting about my giveaway! Good Luck and you now have 3 entries!! :)
By the way - the music on your blog goes perfect w/ your cute elephant webkinz - I'm picturing him dancing to this song - LOL!!

green gables girl said...

Hi, Joy!
Neat, Webken!
I don't have any Webkenz, but my friend said she might get me one for my birthday! :)
Only, that's a long ways away. ( July 1st!)

Hey, why don't you check-out my alphabet meme!
Hope you like it!

Did you get my letter yet? If you didn't, you'll probably be getting very soon. :):):)!

Have a great day!
friend+great pen pal=You! :)
Luv, Allyson

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