Friday, February 20, 2009

Mexican Girl Diary-Day 5

Feb. 28. 1781

Hola. We are near the end of our journey. We have 1 month exactly until we get to California. And Papa` said that maybe, just maybe, we can get there before that. But, he also said we can't get our hopes up. We just have to pray. The roads are muddy. There has been many rain storms. One of the wagons that had a married couple in it fell into the river when we where crossing the unsturdy bridge. I'm sad for thier families. We are supposed to get there on March 28th, 1781. Hopefully. I pray the rest of our journey will be safe.

Until then,


primitive basketcase said...

I am so enjoying your story.

CozyCoops Corner said...

Oh I love the covered wagon ! I can't imagine traveling in those over the rough terrain and going so slowly ~ how hard, long and tiring! Thanks for continuing to share your journal with us Joy ~ I enjoy it !:-)Have a good weekend!

wrcdgc said...

I love the picture of the wagon. You are such a great writer Joy. I am so enjoying your story. I can't wait to see if they all make it safely but I hate to see it end. :)


This Country Girl said...


I'm loving your story! I feel sorry for these people! I'm glad "Amaya" is keeping a diary! :)

Love you,

green gables girl said...

Hi, Joy!
Oh, Joy! This is getting really exciting!
I like reading your stories and can't wait to see how it ends!

Great pen pal+friend=You! :)

Luv, Allyson

Zaroga said...

Dearest Joy,

You really are a joy. I love Amaya's diary. I can imagine being their with her.

Thank you for brightening my day.

Shellmo said...

The photo of the covered wagon was perfect to go with your story! You should write books Joy - you are very talented!!

miss mary said...

I love the photo of the covered wagon. like reading the stories also. have a wonderful sunday.

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