Saturday, October 26, 2013

Faithful Fridays ~ Even in the Storm.

Hi, everyone!  :)  I'm here for Faithful Fridays...a day late, because our weekend has been action-packed (I'll be back to tell more about that soon), but I'm here!  :)

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I've been dealing with some stuff emotionally lately, and it's felt like a stormy kind of time in my walk with Jesus, but I've been reflecting on just how good God is, even in our storms.

"The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble, He cares for those who trust in him,"
-Nahum 1:7

He's answered so many of my prayer requests--even just the little ones.  For instance, before we went to Disney World, we prayed that my daddy's knee problems wouldn't hold him back from being able to do things--and it didn't!  He had issues with it, but he was still able to get up and go to the parks each day. 

He made pretty much my every little dream come true when I met Peter Pan.  You guys may not understand how much that means to me.  God cares about the little things--He orchestrated it perfectly for me!  :)

I got to take part in a swing dance flash mob--something kind of big for me because a flash mob video was what got me interested in swing dancing, and I've always wanted to be part of one.  

Another thing--I'll be honest here: I tend to live in a little bit of fear of having a pancreatitis episode flare up on me any time I have something big coming up that I'm looking forward to, because that's happened before.  Last February, I went into the hospital right before my Chinese New Year performance was supposed to happen, and I wasn't able to make it.  I've had a lot of things to look forward to lately--Disney World, the Reset Movement concert, the swing dance flash mob, and going to the carnival with some friends last night.  And God has kept me well and healthy so that I could go and enjoy them all.  

And I'm really thankful that for all of that.  :)  

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."
-Romans 8:28

So, my point is that I'm really thankful that God hears me and answers my little prayers even in my stormy times--and I want to acknowledge that.  And, God does care about the little things that matter deep down inside your heart.  He knows all about you, everything inside and out, every little nook and cranny of your mind.  Don't let that scare you--the awesome thing is that He loves you more than you can imagine, despite what He sees--good and bad.  And he cares about those dreams you have--big and small.  Bring them to Him!  :)

God bless you guys and have a great day!  :)
Joy :)


Ty said...

I love this. God really does care about our little concerns.
In August, we went on a beach vacation to a little beach town in Florida. We went to a little ice cream shop and the stars of my favorite show, The Little Couple, were there and I got to talk to them! If you've never seen their show, it's about a couple w dwarfism. They have two adopted kids with dwarfism: a son from Hohhot and a daughter from India. I was so blown away by how God orchestrated it so I could meet them. What if my dad had not been able to switch his call schedule with one of his co-workers that week and we had gone the week before like we were originally going to? What if we had eaten lunch faster or not hit all the aweful traffic on the way back from lunch? I could go on forever playing the what-if game. The point is that the chances of this happening were near impossible. I was just blown away by how He had arranged this for me. He knew that I would be meeting them even before I was born. He really does love me so much. He reminded me that through this.
Have a great Sunday!

Jazzmin said...

Loved your post, Joy. It is such a great point that God answers and is listening to even our prayers for smaller things- knowing he is there for even things we may think are small is such a blessing! It was also neat and encouraging to read about the prayers he's answered in your life and how he had made different things happen.
I also can relate a little to what you said about your pancreatitis (praying you are well and free from any more attacks(: )... I know it isn't as serious, but about a year ago I was having such bad anxiety that I would feel like I was going to have a heart attack or something. And I had no idea why. It happened once at school and after that, I was afraid to go in public because the fact that it could happen anywhere any time was always in the back of my mind. But I prayed so hard about it and God was so faithful and took care of me, and I am so thankful.

Beautiful post! Also love the scriptures you shared.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
God Bless you♥

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


God does care about the little things! I'm so glad he does! And I loved the testimonies from Jazzmin and Ty above too! God IS good!

Love you! 10!


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