Friday, October 18, 2013

Fathful Fridays ~ Remember.

Hi, everyone!  :)  It's Friday again! 

My Friday today is pretty different from last Friday.  :)  Last Friday, I had been at home, not doing much.  But this Friday, we're in Alabama, visiting family....after a concert.  :)  The RESET Movement came to a town about four hours from us on Wednesday and my parents were oh-so-kind enough to take me.  And guess who came with the RESET Movement?!  Rend Collective and Morgan Harper Nichols!  I have *loved* Rend Collective's music for a while and was so, so, so excited to see them...they didn't disappoint.  :)  I had heard Morgan sing with her sister, Jamie Grace, but hadn't heard any of her own original songs.  I'm so glad she was there, because she's made a new fan out of me.  :)  Her song "Let Everything" is awesome! 

I also got to hear other artists--Matt Gilman, Lacey Sturm, and spoken word poet/rapper Propaganda.  :)  It was an amazing night!  I also got to meet the artists afterward.  I got to talk with Pat and Chris from Rend Collective for quite a while (with some online friends who I finally got to meet)!  It was an overall amazing night.  :)  God is good!

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Something I've been thinking about, and that was mentioned at the concert, is remembering what God has done for you. 
I mean, we say that we know God's done a lot for us, but do we ever really think about the recent, powerful things He's done that just totally gave us what we needed when we needed it?
I've often wished that I could be given such a mighty sign from God as the sea being parted so that I and my people could pass through on dry land, then letting it go again to crash down on our enemies--wouldn't that have been amazing?! 
The Israelites were shown amazing signs like this over and over again, and yet again and again they turned from the Lord.  How could they do that?!
But sometimes we do that.  God does something for us and works things to our good, just as He promises, and reveals Himself and lifts us up out of our despair when we need it.....and then we forget. 
We need to keep going back and reminding ourselves of everything that God's done for us.  We need to remind ourselves of all that He's brought us through and all the times He's fulfilled His promises to us. 
The Israelites used to put up piles of rocks so that every time they passed by it and it stuck out and made itself noticed, they would remember what God had done and re-tell the account to themselves and to their children and grandchildren.  I think that's a pretty awesome idea.  We don't need to ever forget what God's done for us! 
"Over Achan they heaped up a large pile of rocks, which remains to this day. Then the Lord turned from his fierce anger. Therefore that place has been called the Valley of Achor ever since."
-Joshua 7:26
So, if you're going through something, or you're confused, or scared, or unsure, or even if you're not and you're just sitting there and you're perfectly content, remind yourself of all the things God's done for you, all the times He's brought you through and fulfilled His promises.  It does a soul good.  :)
God bless you guys and have a great day!  :)
Joy :)
P.S. Linky isn't working for me right now, so if you've participated in Faithful Fridays, please let me know in your comment!  :)


Jazzmin said...

Love the message of your post, Joy. I loved reading about the connection to the Israelites, as well as bringing out that we should not just be thankful for what God has done for us and then forget. Which I think can sometimes be easy to do, and I feel guilty when I do. Reminding ourselves of His goodness and all the ways He has been there for us through everything we have endured is the best way to live, never forgetting it.

Glad you such a wonderful time at the concert- it sounds like it was amazing.

Have a blessed weekend!!

christina said...

You're awesome! I came across your instagram and saw your post. You are such a young inspiration. God bless you. I can imagine you inspire so many young teens as well as adults!! <3

Jen said...

Hi Joy! I found your blog because we had Amy Carmichael in common. :) It was such a pleasure to stop by your blog, and I was so encouraged by this Faithful Fridays post. Thank you for sharing--remembering God's faithfulness in our life is so important, critical even, to our testimony. I needed this reminder very much!

Blessings to you, sister,

Noelle said...

I've been following ur blog for 2 years... And it's always been one of my favorites!! I loooove ur faithful Friday posts and they are such an encouragement to read :D I love the message in this post!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


There's so many instances where God did things for folks in the Bible and said don't forget. And we don't think we will...but oh how easily we do. I loved your post. I don't want to ever forget all the things God has done for me...for us!

Love you! 10!

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