Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Photo Challenge.

Oh, *squeeeaaaaal* I'm loving Fall!




Warm, colorful, crunching leaves.

Cool, crisp weather.

Rainy, cozy autumn days.

Not that, ahem, I'm wearing a ton of sweaters, or that I drink coffee, or that I have very many scarves, or that the leaves around here are colorful...because they're really not.  :P  But...we do have the cool, crisp weather!  It's so...fall-ish.  I just love it!  It makes that creative, literary side of me flutter and squeal.  ;)

So.  Today I'm entering Emma's Fall Photo Challenge.

Here are the two photos I'm entering:

God bless you and go enjoy these fall days!  :)
Joy :)


Emma Mcclelland said...

I LOVE the first one, of the pumpkins! Totally fall right there girl!
Thanks for linking up,

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I love all those things about fall too! I LOVE that pumpkin picture.....but I love the sky one too! I'm noticing the sky more lately! Great angles and good eye on the photography!

Love you! 10!

Noelle said...

Love ur photos!!

Noelle : )

Jo said...

Yes, fall is pretty amazing! and I love these pictures! Very good job!

Anonymous said...

haha I am TOTALLY addicted to coffee!!! not in a bad way though :)


Leighanna Rose said...

Hey Joy!
I was hoping you might enter my fall photo challenge too!
You take gorgeous photos!

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