Monday, August 8, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook 8/8/11


Outside my window... The same view as always from our dining room bay windows!  I see one side of my grandparents' house, some trees, our fence, the top of my grandparents' garage, and the bushes right outside our window.  I see a blue sky. 

I am thinking... About what I'll do for my next blog post!  I have a couple of ideas...I've been all out of them lately!

I am thankful... For what Jesus did for me.  I recently read an article that was written by a physician (Tommy Mitchell, I think).  It was called "Our Suffering Savior."  It told what all Jesus really went through.  This little bit stands out to me:  The whip used on him had pieces of broken glass and metal attached to it.  It made awful wounds.  And when the scarlet robe was put on him, it became even worse.  Every single time that he moved, the robe rubbed up against his wounds.  It was so.miserable.

From the learning rooms... Not much, really.  Mama did finish reading When God Writes Your Love Story today (see our most recent Faithful Friday posts). 

In the kitchen... I got a new cookbook!  Mama and Daddy's anniversary was July 31st.  They stayed in a cabin and brought me back a cookbook from the visitor's center in that area (and they brought Luke a little car).  Also, I'm going to be cooking supper for a whole week sometime soon.  I have plans already!

I am wearing... Pink shorts and a flowy tie-dye blue/pink/purple shirt.  I'm also wearing one of the necklaces I got from C*ina.  :) 

I am creating... Plans in my head!  Plans for supper, plans for blog posts, etc. 

I am going... To my first C*inese lesson on Friday (I'll tell you more about that later)!  I'm so excited!

I am wondering... When I'll finally get to go to C*ina again. 

I am reading... A book about--guess what--C*ina!  It's a novel about a girl growing up during the C*ltural R*volution. 

I am hoping... To sell lots of hairbows!

I am looking forward to... C*inese lessons on Friday!

I am hearing... My daddy talking. 

Around the house... Luke is taking a nap, Mama's working on her computer, Daddy's working on his computer/talking, and I'm working on my computer. 

I am pondering... Hmm...I'm mostly pondering what all I've been writing here.  I'm sort of lining up in my head what I need to do here on the computer.

One of my favorite things... Writing!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow, Mama, Luke, and I are going to get up early and head over to the Antique Mall!  Woohoo!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...



Never So Simple said...


I love these post. I often think about doing this on Monday's also.


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


We just can't keep enough books about China in your hands, can we? :)

I love these posts too! I think they reveal alot about the person writing them! I really need to do one!

Hope you do sell lots of hairbows! They're so cute!

Love that you love writing! :)

Love you!


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