Friday, August 12, 2011

Faithful Fridays~Radical

Hi everyone!  Phew...yesterday, Mama said, "What are you doing for your Faithful Fridays post?"  It had completely slipped by me!  So I'm a bit later than I usually am, but I wanted to make sure I posted!

I started Faithful Fridays so that Christians could have a special day of the week, Friday (although I don't think that Christians should limit themselves to once a week) that they post about their faith: prayer requests, praise reports, encouragement to other Christians, Christian songs, etc.  If you participate in Faithful Fridays, please let me know in your comment and give me the link back to your post (I don't have that Linky thing figured out yet).  Also, don't forget to grab the button above for your post!


Last Friday, Mama and I went to the nursing home to help out with giving the ladies manicures (VERY fun!) and I sat down to do a lady's nails.  She was a bit plump, she had very gray hair, and I wondered if she might now be know, there.  Believe me, she was.  I began talking with her.  This woman has lost both her sons--one didn't make it through a heart surgery and another was a bad diabetic.  She has lost her husband.  She has lost all of her family except for her grandchildren.  But she told me over and over how the Lord must have her here for something.  She's in her ninety's.  She has had both hips replaced, both shoulders replaced, and two back surgeries..."And the Lord's brought me through it all," she said.  "He's got to have me here for some purpose and I'm going to do whatever it is!"  This lady is a gem.  She's so sweet.  When I heard what all she's gone through, I said, "Wow...the Lord must really have you here for something...and maybe you've already done it!"  And she said, "Well maybe it's just telling people about Him!"  Later on, she said, "I talk about Him, talk to Him, all the time."

And all this got me to thinking the other day.  Take a look at my Mama's post here.  It's called "Every Little Thing."  She played a song by S*even Curtis C*apman called Every Thing.  It talks about how no matter what you're doing...sweeping, working on your house, taking care of your kids, teaching (blogging) or whatever, it all matters just as long as you do it to the glory of God somehow.  And then I think of that lady at the nursing home...Ms. Mozelle.  Everywhere she goes, I'm sure she tells EVERYONE about what God's done for her.  Why can't I do that?  That would be really radical.  And you know, sometimes I love radical.

Mama was doing some shopping on C*aigslist the other day and called someone about a refrigerator for The Cedar Loft.  She got the guy's voicemail, and in it he said: "I care about why you called, but I care even more about where you'll be spending eternity."  And he goes on to say that "We'll be talking real soon."  And Mama turned around to me and said, "I love it when people are radical like that!"  I love it too. 

The other day I thought of this: Radical Glorification to God.  That's what I'm shooting for. 

What if we took up the challenge from my Mama's post?  What if we sought to find some way to glorify The Creator Of All in  What if we were radical?


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

That's a great post, Joy! Ms. Mozelle is a bright light in the nursing home! I have no doubt that God has her here for a reason and she can be a witness right where she is!

And yes, the guy on the phone put a smile on my face. I love that he dared to be radical!

You know I participated in Faithful Fridays! So glad you thought of designating a special day to share!

I love you! Keep on being a bright light for Jesus! 10!


Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

Joy, you are wise beyond your 12 years! Your wonderful mom and dad have done an awesome job raising you to be a Godly young woman.

Your post gave me a lot to think about!

retha said...

She might be just there so you can take the "batten"(of a rely race) from her.
At time there are much we can learn from the generations before us about our walk with the LORD.

I participated too. Took a bit long to get my comment by you.

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