Thursday, December 23, 2010

This Week's Waiting Kids!

This week I want to start out with some children who need to be sponsored.







and Shanna.

All of these children above need to be sponsored. For more information(and some of these children have sponsor packets set up and ready to go through another bloggy advocate), leave a comment with your email address. Note: I will not publish your comment after reading it if it has your email included, for your privacy. :)

This is sweet Lily, with BAAS. Lily turned two in September.

Her special needs are post operative congenital heart disease (valvular pulmonary stenosis); severe sensorineural hearing loss in both ears; tympanitis and mastoiditis in both ears. Lily's current height is 73.5cm, weight is 10.5kg, head size is 44cm and chest size is 50cm. She lives at the orphanage right now and her physical development is good. She can sit, stand and walk on her own. She can only say Ma Ma. She likes to be with people she knows, and likes to play with other children. She is a bright and lovely child.

This is cutie Jade, also with BAAS. She is ten. She was admitted into the SWI in April of 2000. She had cleft lip only and had surgery in December of 2000. Jade loves performing. She is friendly, outgoing and is very much liked by her teachers.

This is adorable Jeremy, from Lifeline. He is a year 1/2 old. He has a $1,500 grant available.

Jeremy has a meningocele.

And this is precious Joseph, from Lifeline. He is two. There is a $1,500 grant available for adopting Joseph, also.

His special need is scoliosis.

And this is beautiful Marissa. Marissa is my age(11), and was born a day before me!

She was listed and found a family with an agency last summer. When the CCAA decided that all files had to be returned and start the shared list, her found family could not proceed with her adoption and the agency sent her file back to CCAA. Don't know the circumstances of why the family could not proceed after having started an adoption for her. In her video that was available at the agency (CWA who will now not share the video), she sang a beautiful song, laughed, and seemed like such a wonderful girl. (From one of my mom's adoption friends)

She's also described as "just awesome!" :)

This is smiley Drew, from AAC. He is seven.

This sweet child is seven years old. He has cerebral palsy. He has some issues with walking. When we met Drew he was using crutches to get around, but he told us that he preferred a push walker. He is currently participating in physical therapy and doctors think that there is a good chance that he may be able to walk on his own some day.

He has good cognitive skills, however, he does have some catching up to do. Drew is a very imaginative boy. He likes to play outdoors. He also said that he likes to do his homework because the teacher gives them a treat!

And this is adorable John Wayne. John is two.

The following is from Ms. Donna of Eagle's Wings: He is 2 years old (April 2008). He was born with spina bifida and a club foot. The SB was repaired at about 6 months (I don't have those details). While I was his momma I had his club foot serial casted by China Care in Beijing. Awesome people. He was in Beijing for almost 6 months and while there fostered by a Canadian teacher and her daughter. Talk about great treatment! His foot healed nicely and he started to walk. (I think I read on a post from Ms. Donna that he is now running and jumping!)

Since being back at our foster home in his home city he has had some ups and downs with his foot. But he is still active and walking, nothing seems to keep him down. He is in a brace at night, and will be until he is about 5 yrs. He needs a family who can get him home fast and get great care for his foot. He is a terrific kid, I love him to bits.

If you are interested in any of these children or in sponsoring or advocating, leave a comment with your email. As Christmas is drawing near...remember the kids who don't have a big tree with presents, or a family to read them the Christmas story, or a stocking that can be stuffed with goodies. Keep them in your prayers this Christmas, please!

Blessings, Joy :)
Merry Christmas!


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