Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Week's Waiting Kids!

Hi everyone!

Starting off this week, a few children who need to be sponsored.




and Isabella.

Leave a comment with your email for more info. If your email is included, I won't publish it after reading for your privacy. :)

This is beautiful Sue, From BAAS.

Sue was born in March of '08. She has complicated congenital heart disease: Complex congenital deformities
DORV; TGA;VSD ventricular both-way shunt; PDA;Discontinuous echo in middle of AS; PFO?;Situs transversus atrium;Pulmonary valve stenosis;Mitral regurgitation (slight);Tricuspid regurgitation (slight); Sue entered the grandmother program sponsored by "Half Sky Foundation" at seven months old.

The grandmother often takes her out and talks with her. Her development is delayed compared with others. She has routine life under excellent care, and has normal defecation and urination, and at the age of 5 months, she can smile when being teased, and at the age of 8 months, she can roll over and at the age of 12 months, she can sit alone and can walk with one hand held.

Her language development is delayed compared with others, and she can understand the simple directions, but she seldom expresses herself using language, and when she is happy she will say bao, bao, xie, hao.

She is introverted, timid, and has a strong sense of self-protection when she is with strangers. She has strong imitating ability and learning ability and is bright.
She is happy to stay with her caretaker. She likes to read books and listen to music. She claps her hands when listening to music, and she likes to play hide and seek game.

And this is adorable MeiMei, also from BAAS.

Meimei was born on 10-27-2003. She has Dwarfism.

She goes to school and loves to sing, dance and read. She is friendly and self-sufficient.

This is precious Cora, from AAC.

Cora is a darling little two year old. Her caretakers say that she is very clever. She likes watching TV and playing with toys but prefers to play with other children. Cora is developmentally on track. She is independant, feeds herself and is potty trained. One of Cora's eyes is underdeveloped. It is small and set back. She can see fine through her other eye though.

And this is sweet Megan, also from AAC.

Little Megan was born in April, '05. She is outgoing and likes to run, jump and play with other children. Her cleft lip and plate have been reparied and she has recoved from it well. She is developmentally on track and doing well in kindergarten.

And this is cutie Braden, also from AAC.

This cute little guy was born in September of '09. He is active, social and curious. His caregivers adore him. Braden was born with cleft lip and palate and is a hepatitus b carrier. He also has a black birthmark on the back of his head. He has no other medical conditions and Braden's physical and intelectual development are normal.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much at all. I've got some posts in mind, but I like to get my waiting child posts done first! For now I'll leave you with this. :)

The Waiting Child by Debbie Bodie (From my friend's advocacy blog, Still We Wait.)
I saw you meet your child today.
You kissed your baby joyfully, and as you walked away with her I played pretend you'd chosen me. I'm happy for the baby, yet inside I'm aching miserably I want to plead as you go by, "Does no-one want a child of three?"
I saw you meet your child today. In love with her before you met, and as I watched you take her out I knew it wasn't my turn yet. I recognize you from last year! I knew I'd seen your face before! But you came for a second babe. Does no-one want a child of four? I saw you meet your child today, but this time there was something new. A nurse came in and took MY hand and then she gave my hand to you. Can this be true? I'm almost eight! And there are infants here, you see? But then you kissed me and I knew. The child you picked this time was me.


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