Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Week's Waiting Kids!

Hi everyone!

I want to focus on a few kids this week...and I would like to direct you to the advocacy website. I've got it updated with a few more kids! You can visit it here.

First, a thirteen year old girl named Bella. I just came across this girl today. The following describes her situation better than I could, I think. :) It's from a blog who advocated for her, called 143 Million Less One. I tend to wonder why she's looking so sad. In basically all the pictures I've seen of her, she's wearing that face. :(

"When I was thirteen years old, I was still playing with Barbie dolls and washing off the "cooties" that were left behind when a boy touched me. I dreamed about one day becoming either a ballerina or a nurse or both. It was a simpler time and in my childhood innocence, I was still a little girl in every way. Which brings me to the beautiful child in the photo. Last week, I received an email from a mom who this past July adopted the adorable baby girl who used to sleep in the crib adjacent to our son in his orphanage. In her email, she told me about a beautiful, healthy little girl in China referred to as Bella, who if not matched with a family before her fourteenth birthday in February 2011, will permanently age out of the adoption process. Now, I don't know about you, but as a mother of a once thirteen year old daughter, I have had a very difficult time sleeping this past week just thinking about the uncetain reality of this little girl's future. That having been said, I implore each and every reader of this post to study this precious child's face. Think for a moment about your own children and then examine the longing in her lonely eyes. Most importantly, when you hit your knees this evening, PLEASE PRAY FOR BELLA. Ask your heavenly Father how he would use YOU to change her life for the better. Please forward this post to EVERYONE and ANYONE within your personal sphere of influence with the hope that SOMEONE would read this story and be touched by God to reach out to this child and bless her with the family and the future she deserves. For more information please contact and reference Child #4 'Bella'"

This is Sean. Sweet, smart, gentle, encouraging, dreaming Sean. Sean is eleven.

He is listed with FTIA's Journey of Hope program, where he has been for 2 years now. He's disappointed because he participated last year and wasn't adopted. Sean is one of the first kids I ever advocated for. Here's what's written about him:
"Sean is a bright 11 year old. He has been in a foster family for 4 years but desperately wants a forever family - maybe with an older brother and sister. He’s in 4th grade and his favorite subject is computer. He enjoys reading about science and technology and his favorite sport is soccer. Sean’s personality fills a room! He is great with the younger kids and was nicknamed the “Little Director” because he was keeping them all in line for their program. Sean was disappointed last year when he participated in another Journey of Hope program but did not find a family. He wants to live in America because everyone has a house! Sean was born with cleft lip and palate and has had surgery for both. He may need some reconstruction and some dental work; however his speech is excellent and he liked practicing his English on us! Click here to see a video of our interview with Sean."

And this is adorable Ben, who is also with FTIA's JOH program.. Ben is five.

Seriously-when they say "please watch this video," they mean it. Mom and I watched it, and, if I hadn't, I probably would be scared of thalessemia. But it's so mild! Please, take time to watch it. This is what's written about Ben: "Ben is 5 years old and a charming little boy. He has a diagnosis of thalassemia. The medical team was amazed at how well he is doing. At this time, he gets blood transfusions every two months and does perfectly between those transfusions. Again, we all were amazed at his overall health. Ben has excellent gross and fine motor skills. He is described by his caregivers as smart, the “little boss”, and cooperative. Ben came to his orphanage at the age of three. He is often the leader. His language development is on target. This friendly little boy has so much to offer. To learn more about thalassemia, please watch this video."

Please remember that some of these children may live in an orphanage where they are taken care of basically, but not not given one-on-one care. They sleep in rooms with metal cribs that line the walls and fill in the space in between. Couldn't you tell them about Jesus? Give them a good home? Dress them in pretty clothes? Give them a brother or sister? Read to them? Rock them to sleep?

If you are interested in one of these children, email the contact provided or leave a comment with your email address so I can get the info to you! I won't publish the comment, so it won't be public. If you are interested in advocating, leave a comment with your email address. I'd love to help you get started with some sites and kids who need to be spoken up for!


Joy :)


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