Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Week's Waiting Kids!

This week, I want to start out with a little boy who needs a family-he very much so deserves one, just like every other waiting child-and I don't understand why he hasn't gotten one!

This is cutie Feng. He is 8 years old.

He enjoys his life with his peers, living, studying and playing games together. He is very outgoing, active, talkative and polite. Occasionally he is naughty. Every day after school he plays happily with his friends. He loves to chat with his teachers as well. He likes drawing, reading and watching TV. Feng is very bright and quick to learn.

He responds quickly to other people's words. He is in third grade. He is very conscientious in his study. He got 74% point in both Chinese and Math in the last tests. He has strong self-esteem and is very confident and independent.

He likes to express himself. He has a strong sense of justice and knows what is right and what is wrong. His aspiration is to become a policeman after he grows up. Feng is never a picky eater. He has a normal appetite. He sleeps well. He is very healthy and seldom gets sick.

This is sweet Annabelle, who is nine, and has been waiting for a while. There is a $4,200 grant if she is adopted through WACAP. Bright and brave is what they call Annabelle. :)

When we first met Annabelle in the Wuchuan orphanage in Guangdong, we learned that she had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and was unable to stand or walk. She could only move herself with her hands, and she often sat in the corner sadly while the other children played. However, the orphanage staff told us how very intelligent she was and praised her great leadership skills, as all of the kids were willing to listen to her. LWB suggested that a wheelchair would allow Annabelle more independence, and so through our orphanage assistance program we were able to purchase a pediatric wheelchair, allowing Annabelle to get around more easily in the orphanage. We also knew that this bright little girl should have the opportunity to attend school, and she now attends the orphanage school every day.

Since beginning school, Annabelle’s whole outlook has changed. While at first she was shy with foreigners, now she smiles a lot. Her caregivers say how brave she is and that she is careful with other children. They are very optimistic about her future.Due to Annabelle’s medical needs, she is waiting to be matched with a family through the Waiting Children Program. Annabelle would benefit so much from the opportunities afforded to her by a family of her own. She so deserves a bright future that the care of a loving family could provide.

And this is pretty Rochelle, who also has a $4,200 grant if she is adopted through WACAP. Rochelle is posted as "Rochelle the Budding Artist".

Rochelle is a lovely four-year-old child with an artistic streak that she uses to express her sunny personality. Though she cannot stand or walk, she has very creative hands that can do wonders. Rochelle loves to draw colorful pictures of flowers and the sun! Her painting is full of creativity and features quite unusual shapes. Not wanting to limit herself to one art form, Rochelle is surprisingly good at paper-cutting (for a four-year old!) and can cut shapes such as flower baskets, planes and birds.

Rochelle’s artwork is a reflection of her sweet and loving personality. The nannies tell us that whenever a nanny is tired, Rochelle crawls to her side and gently pats the nanny on the back. So sweet!

This is precious Austin, who is five and listed with AAC.

This cute little guy just turned 5 years old. Austin is very, very clever. He does very well in school. At four years old he was able to speak clearly and produce long sentences to tell a story vividly. His teachers often ask him to recite poems. Austin is currently learning English also. People say that Austin is very opinionated and can express his likes and dislikes. He can sometimes be stuborn and obstinate but is polite. He is very well liked by his foster family, peers, neighbors, and teachers. He has several hobbies. He is very interested in drawing, music, and computer games. Austin has contracture of his achilles tendon. This is a shortening of the tendon causing him to be unable to put his heel to the ground while walking. He can walk and run but does so on his tiptoes. He is scheduled for surgery in January.

This is curly cutie Snow. :) She is three.

Snow was born in September. She has deformed hands and feet. She can walk, jump, run and pick up things without problems. She is a friendly and good natured child.

This is adorable Zach He's on the right.

Zach has club feet that have been treated, and may have dwarfism, and he is covered in scabbies and is malnourished. You can't tell it in the picture above. I'm told he's a loving boy! He does look like he's full of fun, doesn't he?

This is Jaxon, from FTIA's Journey of Hope program. He is six.

Jaxon is almost seven and in 1st grade. He is a good student, with Math and Chinese as his favorite subjects. He also likes to read. He is a very friendly boy and can carry on a conversation well.

He made a very colorful picture for the JOH team, complete with a house by water (with fish) and blue skies full of birds and butterflies! Jaxon is missing his left hand.

And Kung Fu Drake, who is almost seven. :)

Drake is a vibrant, resilient, and determined boy. At 7 years of age, he has mastered many tasks. He is at or above target in all areas of development when compared to other children his age. Drake has deformity of his left face and ear. His caregivers state that Drake has a higher IQ than most others. He is very athletic and enjoys martial arts.

He speaks very well and has good hearing. Drake will be in the 1st grade it the fall. Drake is fast paced, outgoing, and confident. Drake has so many strengths and wants to be part of a family!

If you're interested in any of these children, leave a comment with your email so I can get the info to you! Please keep them in your prayers!

Joy :)


Nancy M. said...

You are so sweet to try and help these kids! They are so precious, I hope someone adopts them soon!

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