Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Week's Waiting Kids

I know there's alot of us who cannot adopt; but want to help, so I thought I'd list a few ways you can help.

1. Donating. There's bunches of places to donate to (click the names to go to the sites). Holt International is one, where you can now send a bunch of different gifts(like goats, cows, chicks, mosquito nets, stuff like that), some to specific places like China and Ethiopia. Also, there's An Orphan's Wish and Starfish Foster Home. You can also donate specific needed items. As far as I know, An Orphan's Wish and Starfish.

2. Volounteering. A good way to go about this is through Starfish Foster Home, which is listed above. The info for that is under "Daily Needs and Volounteering". I think you can also volounteer by getting in touch with the director of an orphanage and asking if they need volounteers. If you know of Anne of Red Thread, you can ask her to ranslate a letter/email and then ask her for the orphanage address(or if you have it then you can send it on in). You can also volounteer at New Day Foster Home (click the name to go to the volounteer site).

3. Sponsoring. You can do this through Starfish, Shepherd's Field, and New Day Foster Home (click the name to go to the sponsoring page) easily.

4. Fostering. Unfortunately, I don't know where you go to do this...but I do know a lady who goes to China every now and then to foster some children, so that's a way.

So without further ado, here's a few of the children who need families!

Three Beautiful Starfish children are special focus kids waiting on their forever families. Jack, Kaitlyn, and Thomas all need families. My friend has the agency they are listed with for anybody who would like to know all 3 are with a different agency and 2 of the 3 would transfer no problem.

Jack was born November 2007 and has Spina Bifida, Micro/Macro cephaly he has had surgery for both and is waiting on an agency specific list with a 4200 grant towards his adoption cost! This little boy stole my friend's heart!!

Precious Kaitlyn was born October 2007 and was born with Meningocele at the base of the neck. Kaitlyn needs a mom and Dad who are willing to accpect the unknown she is generally a very happy girl but everyone knows when she is upset.

Sweet Thomas was born July 2008 he was born with TOF (first surgery complete will need another one) and an exposed bladder which is on the less severe side. He is a darling little boy who needs a family and a mom and dad willing to fix his heart he has so much love to offer. His TOF does not hold him back he is able to do most things any other child his age can do. My friend has Thomas's medical file.

This is cutie Luke, a Special Focus child through FTIA. Look at those eyes!!

Luke’s special need is clubfoot and mild cerebral palsy.
Luke arrived at the clubfoot casting unit in August 2010. After settling in, he soon began charming the carers and earned his nickname of Mr. Happy. He is a giggly little boy who loves to go around on his tricycle. Luke just had surgery to repair a hernia in his diaphragm and is doing well. We are looking forward to seeing him gain weight, grow and to continue with the casting treatment for his clubfoot. He brings much joy to the House of Love and would bring much joy to his family too.

This is Snow, from BAAS. Can you believe that curly hair?? And what a little grin!

Snow was born on 10-9-2007. She has deformed hands and feet. She can walk, jump, run and pick up things without problems. She is a friendly and good natured child.

This is a little girl from Holt who is eleven. Her ID number is G10_91.

This beautiful, shy young lady with dimples is currently in a loving foster home. She can say a few simple words in English, and enjoys surfing the internet, watching TV, and drawing. She was found in February 2000 with a birth note that stated she had epilepsy, and she entered foster care in January 2001. She was noted to have seizures often and began taking medication to control them, and has been seizure free for over 3 years. An EEG test result was normal. She is currently in the 5th grade of elementary school, and her grades are stated to be poor. She has more than 5 very good friends who help each other when they have problems. She is very attached to her foster family and loves to help with house chores such as washing dishes and clothes. This older girl is in need of an adoptive family who has experience with adoption and parenting past her age, who are prepared for grief and loss issues, and who are able to provide and advocate for the resources that she needs.

Don't forget the children who need to be sponsered, like...



And Shanna

And thank you for your prayers and blessings...because Zoe, Penny, Landon, Liam, Kent, and Jillian have found their families!

If you are interested in any of these children, leave a comment with your email address.

Also check out my advocating website, Waiting on Their Family.

Thanks so much, please continue to search your hearts...for the orphans!




Mikki said...

Hey Joy,
I just wanted to stop by to say what your doing for these children is really great, your not only helping out these kids, but also making a difference, inspiring people to do the same. Keep it up :D
I'll be praying for these children and their future families.

-Micaela :)

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