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This Week's Waiting Kids!

First of all-let me say that I meant to do this SOOOOOOO much longer ago. As in, the beginning or middle of last week. But, blogger wouldn't let me! It wouldn't save, it wouldn't publish, and it all deleted itself. Anyway, here it is now! I have a website now made that has so much more waiting kids listed on it then I can list at a time here! Click HERE to go there! I'm working on filling up the pages! :)

So first this week, remember Maria?

And Zoe?

And Nathan?

Maria has been MATCHED!!! Thank you Jesus, amen! Zoe is on hold; and so is Nathan!

This is cutie Liam, who is five years old and with FTIA's Special Focus listing.

Here's what's written about Liam:

Liam is 5 and has been in his current unit since April. He lives in the Res/CP Unit, as he is older than the other children in the Clubfoot Unit. He has AMC which affects his arms and hands, and they are casting his hands to get them into a more functional position for him. They have finished casting one hand and are very pleased with the result. He currently does stretches each day and wears a hand brace to keep the hand in the new position, but he is out of the brace in the mornings for his school class, so he can become more adept at using it. He is currently having a break, before we start casting the other hand.He has fit in well to the Unit, plays well with the other children, and accepts help when he needs it, but tries to do things on his own most of the time. He has a very soft side to him and really enjoys sitting on his favorite Caregivers' laps and have a cuddle. His general health is very good, he runs and rides bikes, and even manages to ride a scooter. He is learning well in the Elementary class and cooperates and follows instructions well.

And next is beautiful Carly, from AAC. Carly is 11(my age).

Carly's birthday is May 3, 1999. Her care takers describe her as a polite, warmhearted, good child who cares about others. She is optimistic and easy going. Carly enjoys singing, dancing and outdoor activities. She also loves to draw and is very imaginative. Carly is a hep b carrier. She is otherwise a healthy child who is developmentally on track.

And on to sweet Rider, from FTIA's JOH program. Rider is eight.

Rider is an 8 year old boy with postoperative cleft lip and cleft palate. He is completing the 1st grade and can read and write. Rider enjoys martial arts and performed during the opening ceremony for Journey of Hope. Rider is an active boy, who is extroverted and gets along well with others. He shared with us that he really likes robots. Rider will likely need some dental work upon placement with his family. He is a very kind boy.

Here's Rider with his friend Drake. They're doing Kung Fu. :)

And precious Evan, also from FTIA'S JOH program. Evan is four and a half.

He has deformity of his mouth on the right side. The palate is closed. The back of his head is flat, perhaps from laying on his back too long in the crib. He also has an ear tag that should be very easy to remove, per the medical team. Evan has good language development, although the mouth deformity prevents him from forming all the sounds correctly. Evan is on target in all other areas of development. He smiles a lot and seems very happy. Evan is always eager to participate in anything that is going on around him. His caregivers describe him as compliant, easy to get along with, and extroverted. The medical team has great expectations for Evan. Click here to see a video of Evan.

And sweet Beth, from AAC. Beth is 12.

Beth is a darling little 12 year old girl. She loves basketball, badminton and ping pong. Beth is a little shy but once she opens up she is a very outgoing girl. She is healthy and has no medical conditions.

And adorable Sydney, also from AAC. She is four years old.

She is outgoing when she is at home. She has a ready smile. Sydney enjoys listening to music, taking a bath and playing with the a rattle bell. She has congenital glacoma and can not see. She can walk with her hand being held or by groping along the wall and furniture. She does well in environments that she is familiar with but wants to be held when she is somewhere new. She enjoys going outside if a family member is holding her hand. She distinguishes between people she does or does not know by smelling or listening.

And cutie Natalie, from Lifeline. She is nine years old.

She is generally healthy. Natalie is stated to dance beautifully. She likes to share and has a gentle personality. She also likes to help take care of the other children.

And precious Grace, also from Lifeline. She is five years old.

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Her special need is post-operative cleft lip and palate, partial defect of finger and toes. Grace is stated to like to sing, dance and play games. . She is active and talkative. She likes to watch cartoons and she knows how to share with other kids. Don't you think you could give that face a smile? All it takes is a Forever Family, I'm sure! :)

If you are interesed in any of these children, leave a comment with your email! Think about it, could you put a smile(Or a bigger one), by giving them a family?


Joy :)


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


That's 3 less orphans now! I'm so happy! All of these children you have featured today are precious! I hope their forever families find them soon! I'm so proud that you have a heart for the kids!

I love you! 10!

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