Saturday, October 9, 2010

What I've been up to...

WOW, my blog needs an update. Let's see....where to start....

Well, I got back on Babydow and am creating more graphics than ever. Here's one of my recents:

I've created a few websites including my graphics website for Babydow which is and I'm working on a site on which I will put lots of kids waiting in China. I'm also going to open up a selling blog on which I will sell stitcheries and stationary! I'm excited :)

My latest projects around here in the way of crafting have been one big thing I started last night. Painting my club house!! It's so fun :) Mom's been taking pictures of my progress so hopefully soon I can post about that! It's very bright and very fun :)Luke helps...or at least tries!

A friend Abi and I have been spreading the Good News about God on Babydow. It's amazing and very rewarding and I'm so excited to be telling people about Jesus. I actually witnessed to a muslim girl who is fifteen. She wrote back saying that her religion, Islam, believes the same thing about Jesus and everything. Yikes....How do you answer that? I'm still pondering. By the way, I highly reccomend Babydow. It's You should join!

Please keep in your prayers four little guys and two little girls who are waiting in China for their Forever Families. Ben, who is 5 and has mild Thalissemia, is steadily waiting waiting waiting....and he has such a minor special need and is such a cutie. Check him out in FTIA's JOH program. John Wayne, Gordon, and Jimmy are all waiting. John Wayne has very minor special needs and has taken so many hearts and been viewed several times only to be released again. I guess his file is like playing Hot Potato, you never know where it's really gonna stop! Gordon has a medical history of Hernia but he's so cute :) I really hope he gets a family, I think he'd really blossom under that kind of bonding love! And Jimmy. Sweet Jimmy. Just look at his face and you fall in love. I'd love to pinch those little cheeks! Deformation of his hands, yes, but he's doing so well. And sweet girlie Lexi! She's been viewed seriously so many times. I'm actually not sure if she's matched or not but it's showing she's not, so I guess not. She can't walk yet, but she can crawl and sit very well. And also, Carly. Carly is my age and she is a hep b carrier. That can be so mild and un noticable! Praise God for prayers answered-Maria, the 11 year old girl who had a growth problem has been matched and her family recieved PA recently! I'm so happy for her!!

If you will, scroll down past this post and past the NaNoWriMo post to my recent Waiting Kids post to see more!

Luke is doing so well. Apart from not wanting to be in a room by himself(though he will stay in a room with Colt, Dad, or even Colt's girlfriend or a friend of mine) and getting insecure when we make him sit down for time out or spank his hand, he's adjusted well too. He will stay with my Grandma for 4-5 hours while me and mom have our special time together. He's found a few old videos that he loves and will watch with eyes glued to the TV, so we use those when we need to do something he can't get in to! He's also very taken with our Wii! He loves to "play" (He actually just holds the remote and pushes buttons) and asks for it several times while I'm doing school. His english has amazed me! Still, though, some of our conversations sound like this: Luke: Joy! Me: Yeah? Luke: Koyadongsheewahtoodeekadookashafaraeeuh Me: What? Luke: Monster Truck!

Lol :) Seriously though, he still jabbers in Chinese all the time. We have a little chinese book that shows certain objects and tells how to write and pronounce them and if we say it right he can usually find things in the book that we say in Chinese. Very cool!

At Homeschool Group, we've started our co-op classes. I'm helping Mom and Ms. Lori out in their drama class. Very fun! Then afterwards I teach a free dance class for girls 4-10. I have about 8 girls as of now and they range from 6 or 7 to 11 years. We're dancing to "Lesson Number One" from Mulan 2!

Thanks for dropping by. I hope to get back to blogging soon. You know, Faithful Fridays, stories, photography posts, etc. And commenting!




Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Joy, you are one busy gal!!! glad things are going well..I sent off your package finally today...there are treats for everyone in your family...have a great week.;)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Life has been busy, hasn't it? I'm proud of all that you're doing! Keep up the good work! I love you! 10!


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