Monday, September 27, 2010

This week's Waiting Kids

Hey everyone! I CANNOT believe I forgot to do this last week. The week went by so quickly! So this week, I wanted to get a head on start early. I ask you, as you read this, to pray for each and every one of these beautiful kids. That they will find a Forever Family and have the love and care needed.

First, we have John Wayne. Mr. John here has been on CCAI's list for a while. Here's what's written about John.

He is 2 years old (April 2008). He was born with spina bifida and a club foot.The SB was repaired at about 6 months (I don't have those details). While I washis momma I had his club foot serial casted by China Care in Beijing. Awesomepeople. He was in Beijing for almost 6 months and while there fostered by aCanadian teacher and her daughter. Talk about great treatment! His foot healednicely and he started to walk. Since being back at our foster home in his homecity he has had some ups and downs with his foot. But he is still active andwalking, nothing seems to keep him down. He is in a brace at night, and will beuntil he is about 5yo. He needs a family who can get him home fast and get greatcare for his foot. He is a terrific kid, I love him to bits. (From Donna, the director of Eagles Wings)

If you are interested in John, leave a comment!

Next is lovely Maria, with Lifeline.

This girl really gets me. She's a girl my age, with a minor growth SN(which by the way barely affects her from what I can understand); she's beautiful; and she has a great, sunny personality. Maria is stated to have won many educational awards for calligraphy, reading, and excellent school record. She is active, mischievious, clever, confident, beautiful, and lovely.

If you would like more information on this beautiful girl, leave a comment!

Next is cutie Pierce, who is also with Lifeline.
Post-operative cleft lip, unrepaired cleft palate

Pierce is stated to be outgoing and curious to the things around him. He also enjoys watching TV.

If you are interested in Pierce, leave a comment!

And another adorable little girl with Lifeline. This is Whitney.

Whitney is stated to be introverted. She likes sitting and playing with toys independently. She likes eating food and loves crackers.

If you are interested in Whitney, leave a comment!

And this is Zoe, from AAC.

Zoe is only a year and a half old. She was born January 6, 2009. She is very lovely with a sweet face. She is somewhat introverted and enjoys being cuddled by caretakers. When she is happy, she shakes her head babbling and singing. She gets along well with other children Zoe was born with myelocele which is a form of spina bifida. It has been surgically corrected and she is doing well. She is developmentaly on track for a child being raised in an institution. In May she could crawl, stand steadily on her own and walk holding on to something.

If you are interested in Zoe, leave a comment!

Next is Nathan. He is also from AAC, but he is in Korea.

This cute little guy was born January 3, 2010, weighing just over 8 pounds. His ears are malformed and he has some hearing loss. Nathan is otherwise, developmentally on track. He babbles a lot and smiles responsibly when entertained. He is a sweet baby, and as you can see, he has awesome hair!

For more information, leave a comment!

And adorable Erin :) She is also with AAC.

Erin is a sweet young girl. She was born on 2/25/2009. She likes listening to music and will sway her body. She absolutley loves taking baths.
Erin has leucoma in both eyes. As she has gotten older her caretakers have found that she can see somethings. Otherwise she is developmentally on track.

If you are interested in Erin, leave a comment!

Then you have Lexi, from FTIA's Special Focus listing.

Lexi is such a doll :) She was recently moved to a instution in Beijing. I hear that she had been telling her friends at her orphanage that she was going to be a "Beijing Person". How cute is that?

Born December '06. Lexi’s special need is spina bifida and repaired clubfoot.
What an adorable little girl. Lexi is very kind, patient and polite. Lexi is quite the girly-girl and enjoys every opportunity to try on new outfits and have her hair done. She is a cuddle bug and loves to give and receive hugs and kisses. Lexi is a good singer and her speech is very clear.

If you are interested in Lexi, leave a comment!

And Landon, also from FTIA's Special Focus program.

Landon is an all boy cutie! He was born May '06.
Landon’s special need is a complex heart condition.
Here is one cute and lovable little boy. He loves to participate in school activities and works hard to develop his fine motor skills, do puzzles, learn numbers, colors and shapes. Landon is a very active little guy who loves to ride the bike and the scooter, jump on the trampoline and run around. He is quite the helper around the house and loves to be in the middle of the action.

For more information on Landon, leave a comment!

Please pray and see if one of these kids are yours. Or maybe, should I say, YOU are THEIR Forever Family.

Joy :)


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


All those kids are just precious...I hope they find their forever home and forever families! You never know when YOUR blog post might be what helps! Keep it up! I love you!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

they are all so cute...thank you for posting them..and hopefully they will find their forever home soon.;)

The Farmers Oldest Daughter said...

Joy - you are a very special person to do this and you have so much love in your hear. I have never seen such a caring young person.

Hopefully you will impact on some to go and get these children and give them a good home.

God bless you♥

~ Katie ~ said...

Hey Joy! Long time no see- since China! I found your blog when I was visiting Brandee's blog. I think it's awesome that you are advocating for all these kids. Hope y'all are doing great!

~ Katie


oh what a loving girl you are to try and help find these adorable children loving forever homes...keep up the great work.....xoxo

For The Love of Four Chinasprouts said...

Could I get more info on Zoe? Still searching :)

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