Friday, September 17, 2010

This Week's Waiting Kids!

Hey everyone! I meant to do this soo much earlier this week, but time slipped away. So I made a point to do it today before the week ends!

First, we have sweeet Sean.

He is listed with FTIA's Journey of Hope program. Here's what's written about Sean:

Sean is a bright 11 year old. He has been in a foster family for 4 years but desperately wants a forever family - maybe with an older brother and sister. He’s in 4th grade and his favorite subject is computer. He enjoys reading about science and technology and his favorite sport is soccer. Sean’s personality fills a room! He is great with the younger kids and was nicknamed the “Little Director” because he was keeping them all in line for their program. Sean was disappointed last year when he participated in another Journey of Hope program but did not find a family. He wants to live in America because everyone has a house! Sean was born with cleft lip and palate and has had surgery for both. He may need some reconstruction and some dental work; however his speech is excellent and he liked practicing his English on us! Click here to see a video of our interview with Sean. If you would like more information on Sean, leave a comment.

Next is precious Rochelle.

Rochelle is listed with LWB. Here's what's written about Rochelle:

Rochelle is a lovely four-year-old child with an artistic streak that she uses to express her sunny personality. Though she cannot stand or walk, she has very creative hands that can do wonders. Rochelle loves to draw colorful pictures of flowers and the sun! Her painting is full of creativity and features quite unusual shapes. Not wanting to limit herself to one art form, Rochelle is surprisingly good at paper-cutting (for a four-year old!) and can cut shapes such as flower baskets, planes and birds.

Rochelle’s artwork is a reflection of her sweet and loving personality. The nannies tell us that whenever a nanny is tired, Rochelle crawls to her side and gently pats the nanny on the back. So sweet!

Currently, Rochelle lives at the LiShui orphanage in Zhejiangwhere LWB has an Orphanage Assistance program but she would love a family of her own. She is on the shared list, so please contact your agency or for more information about this budding artist!

And then you have beautiful Tina. Tina is listed with FTIA's Journey of Hope Program.

Tina is a petite 3 year old girl with a congenital heart defect. She has had one surgery for pulmonary valve repair, but is scheduled for another surgery soon. She also has an umbilical hernia and the medical team noted a heart murmur and club foot. Tina was very quiet around us, not quite sure of the situation, but her caregivers report her to be very lovable, extroverted, and always laughing.

And handsome Kaden! Kaden is listed with LWB. Here's what's written about this cutie:

Kaden is a very shy boy who lives in the Deyang orphanage in Sichuan Province who has just celebrated his third birthday. He really doesn’t like having his picture taken…can you tell? He entertains himself very well and is somewhat reticent around strangers….even strangers who come bearing food! From this gallery of photos that our China nutrition program director has taken of Kaden over the past year, you can really see how camera-shy he is. We did manage to capture one photo of him smiling as he plays in the water!

Despite his bashfulness, Kaden’s curiosity is alive and well, and he is quite interested in any visitors to his orphanage…even if he doesn’t want to pose for a picture. His special need is that he has a hearing impairment, which may have quite a lot to do with his quiet demeanor.

Finding a family who is willing to help Kaden communicate better despite his hearing impairment will undoubtedly make a real difference in this little guy’s life. Kaden is currently on the waiting child list, and we look forward to someday soon receiving smiling photos of him with his new family! If you're interested in Kaden, leave a comment!

And then there's beautiful Penny! Penny is listed with LWB. Here's what's written about Penny.

Little Penny is waiting so patiently. At two years old, she’s not too talkative yet, is a little bit afraid of strangers and doesn’t talk much when someone she doesn’t know if around. However, she will let you know what she wants with her eyes! If someone in the room has snacks, she does not ask but stares at the food non-stop until she gets her share. We love the story that these three photos of Penny tell!

Penny is a quiet girl with a mild, gentle personality. Despite a birth defect called syndactyly that has resulted in several of her fingers being fused together, she is able to use her hands to hold most things, including…

Penny holds food using both hands and is able to easily feed herself, as well as play with toys. The orphanage staff report that they don’t see too many difficulties in her daily life since she uses her hands so well.
We are excited to recently learn that Penny should be available for adoption through CCAA’s Waiting Child List. Penny is excited too – but mostly about the cookie so far!

Please consider giving Penny something more to be excited about, and feel free to share her story with others. It’s our hope that this darling girl will thrive and blossom in a loving home — and have a family of her own to share cookies with! If you would like more information on Penny, leave a comment!

Thanks for checking out the post! It's so encouraging to know that someone out there reading this just might look into one of these kid's files. If you would like to advocate, here's some sites for you to check out. Usually I just go to the sites, pick out a few kids I would like to put on my blog, and then email the agency and ask!


Joy :)


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

They are all so precious! Hopefully they will soon find their forever families!

I love you! 10!

judy said...

Maria is lovely and beautiful.....I have a RH, but can you just give me some information on her?


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