Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Waiting Kids! :)

I know-I probably should've waited until next week but I can't! :)

So, first is beautiful Rochelle:

Rochelle is a lovely four-year-old little girl with an artistic streak that she uses to express her sunny personality. Though she cannot stand or walk, she has very creative hands that can do wonders. Rochelle loves to draw colorful pictures of flowers and the sun! Her painting is full of creativity and features quite unusual shapes. Not wanting to limit herself to one art form, Rochelle is surprisingly good at paper-cutting (for a four-year old!) and can cut shapes such as flower baskets, planes and birds.

Rochelle’s artwork is a reflection of her sweet and loving personality. The nannies tell us that whenever a nanny is tired, Rochelle crawls to her side and gently pats the nanny on the back. So sweet!

Currently, Rochelle lives at the LiShui orphanage in Zhejiangwhere LWB has an Orphanage Assistance program but she would love a family of her own. She is on the shared list, so please contact your agency or for more information about this budding artist!

Next is handsome Jimmy, or Zheng Yan Jin.

This little guy's DOB is 7/22/08. Here is the information about Jimmy:

SN Conclusion and suggestion: 1. introrsus deformity of both hands, deformity of left thumb,
four fingers on right hand, deformity of the middle finger and the index finger; 2. non-development and underdevelopment of both forearms and hands

Jimmy is smart, out going, has a ready smile, with sweet face, the deformity of hands
does not cover his lovely and handsome appearance at all, appropriate physical
growth and stature, can stand up alone with holding onto handrails, is learning to walk,
likes playing in baby walker, can make simple words, responds to others’ asking for
objects, gets along well with children in the same room and is close to caretakers.
Now he is 69cm in height, 7.3kg in weight, 44cm in head size, 46cm in chest size, 6
teeth, because he suffers congenital deformity of both hands he has to hold things
with both hands coordinately and the flexibility of his fingers is bad. He can laugh
aloud when being teased by others, can make simple words as if he is communicating
with adults, likes being held by familiar people, is not afraid of strangers and does not
cry very often. He is out going and looks sweetly, so many people like him; he likes
playing in baby walker best and likes cars and wooden horse toy.

If you're interested, contact Amy at

Next is adorable "John Wayne". Hmm...wonder why he was nicknamed that? :)

Here's what's written about this cutie:

He is 2 years old (April 2008). He was born with spina bifida and a club foot.The SB was repaired at about 6 months (I don't have those details). While I washis momma I had his club foot serial casted by China Care in Beijing. Awesomepeople. He was in Beijing for almost 6 months and while there fostered by aCanadian teacher and her daughter. Talk about great treatment! His foot healednicely and he started to walk. Since being back at our foster home in his homecity he has had some ups and downs with his foot. But he is still active andwalking, nothing seems to keep him down. He is in a brace at night, and will beuntil he is about 5yo. He needs a family who can get him home fast and get greatcare for his foot. He is a terrific kid, I love him to bits. (From Donna, the director of Eagles Wings)

John is listed with CCAI. Leave a comment if you would like more information!

Next is precious Micah from AAC.

Micah is a sweet little five year old. His cleft lip and palate have been repaired. He is now in a program to help him with his speech. When he was found he tested positive for syphilis. However tests now show negative. Micah is quiet and shy. He likes drawing and riding bicycles.

For more information, email AAC at

On to beautiful Jillian,

Jillian is a bright little six year old. She is deaf in both ears. Currently she doesn’t use any formal sign language but communicates with body language and motions. She is very smart and picks up things very quickly. Jillian is always watching people and can imitate detailed motions very fast. Under the care of a loving family this child would really blossom.

For more information, email AAC at

And next, cute Gordon, or Wu Lisheng.

DOB 10-10-2007, location CWI of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, medical history: hernia.

He was listed as "Gordon" on Madison Adoption Agency's private list until the CCAA called back files last year.

from his file: Wu Lisheng is a smart child. He is a love child; nannies are all called her "Da sheng".
If you are interested in Gordon, leave a comment!

And precious Penny.

Little Penny is waiting so patiently. At two years old, she’s not too talkative yet, is a little bit afraid of strangers and doesn’t talk much when someone she doesn’t know if around. However, she will let you know what she wants with her eyes! If someone in the room has snacks, she does not ask but stares at the food non-stop until she gets her share. We love the story that these three photos of Penny tell!

Penny is a quiet girl with a mild, gentle personality. Despite a birth defect called syndactyly that has resulted in several of her fingers being fused together, she is able to use her hands to hold most things, including…

Penny holds food using both hands and is able to easily feed herself, as well as play with toys. The orphanage staff report that they don’t see too many difficulties in her daily life since she uses her hands so well.

We are excited to recently learn that Penny should be available for adoption through CCAA’s Waiting Child List. Penny is excited too – but mostly about the cookie so far!

Please consider giving Penny something more to be excited about, and feel free to share her story with others. It’s our hope that this darling girl will thrive and blossom in a loving home — and have a family of her own to share cookies with!

If you're interested, contact

Please, think about it! These kids have such mild Special Needs. Celft lip and Palate can be repaired so easily, just as clubbed feet and hands. And the Spina Bifida is just what Luke had-and you see how well he's doing! :) We actually traveled with a family who was adopting a 5 year old little girl, who was deaf. She still communicates so well! So please, search your hearts and pray about it! These kids really need a home. If you would like information on advocating, leave me a comment.

Joy :D


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


All of these children are precious! It's amazing to me how they adjust to their "SN" to where it's not even that big of a deal! I pray God gives them their forever families!

Oh the joy it will bring if your posts helps even one child find a family! I love you! 10!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh these little kids are precious!!! and oh so cute.:)

Kristi said...

Hey Joy,
So we're not really quite started on paperwork yet, but I would like to know more about two of the little guys in this post.
Could you shoot me an email?

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and all you are doing for these children.
Ilove you,
Love Grandmama

Suzette said...

I have no idea how I found your blog other than I was googling my daughter's previous orphanage. The first child you have listed, Rochelle, is in the same orphanage where my daughter was until 5 months ago. My daughter is in the background of that picture. Please take a look at my blog and see what a HUGE blessing God has given us through her life and what a difference LOVE makes! Keep advocating for these sweet kiddos! You are doing a great job!

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