Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This week's Waiting Kids!

The process of adopting Luke has changed me FOREVER!! :) Seeing all those kids who need to be adopted, on the shared lists and adoption blogs, I feel like I really need and definetly WANT to help out! So, I want to share with you some kids who need to be adopted. The following Wonderful Waiting Kids are from the Journey Of Hope website. Could you be their Forever Family?

This wonderful waiting little ray of sunshine is 12 years old. Her name is Sunny and she's very shy. She is in 4th grade and her favorite subjects are Chinese and English. She likes to play basketball and run. Sunny has been with a foster family for six years now. Her foster mother describes her as kind and loving, likes to share and help with housework. She says that Sunny saves her money for donating. Sunny has a mild intellectual delay due to hydrocephalus and a brain tumor which was repaired about eight years ago. Sunny also loves arts and crafts and brought several of her handicrafts to show the team from Journey Of Hope!

Drake is a little Kung Fu man! He loves Martial Arts and put on quite a show for the JOH visitors! He is 7 years old, and developmentally at or above target for his age. He is very athletic and very smart. He is in the 1st grade. He's a handsome little fella! Drake has deformity of his left face and ear.

Hope is a 6 year old little glam girl! :) She loves being on stage, singing, and expressing her imagination. She is also very friendly and likes to be the center of attention. Hope is just beautiful, as you can see! She was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and had a shunt; however, she later developed epilepsy seizures. Her orphanage reports that she hasn’t had a seizure for 6 months at the time of the JOH program. She can take care of herself and is very independent.

Jaxon is 7, and is in 1st grade. He is a good student and his favorite subjects in school are Math and Chinese. He also likes reading. He's very friendly and likes to talk! Jaxon is missing his left hand. He made a very pretty and colorful picture for the JOH team, complete with birds and butterflies and a blue sky and a little pond with fish!

That's all for now! These children are all such sweethearts and I hope they all find homes!
If you would like more information on one of these lovely kiddos, then email me at

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Joy :)


Sharing Life and Love said...

You are AWESOME Joy!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Joy you have got to be the most mature little 11 year old ever!! I love seeing photos of you and Luke are such a great help to your mom and just a total sweetheart in every aspect of the word..;) have a great day.;) you are such a doll.;)

Annie said...

Way to go, Joy!!!!! You rock!!!

Mandy in Mayberry said...

Those are no doubt some wonderful kids, Joy!

Ya'll are doing a great job bringing them to our attention. I'll be praying for their forever families!

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