Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Week's Waiting Kids!!

Hey everyone! This week I have a bunch of kids to share with you. Hopefully soon I can start doing more posts, both Waiting Kids and regular blog posts.

So first we have Gordon. I posted about Gordon a while back, and he's still waiting! :(

DOB 10-10-2007, location CWI of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, medical history: hernia.

He was listed as "Gordon" on Madison Adoption Agency's private list until the CCAA called back files last year. His real name is Wu Lisheng

From his file: Wu Lisheng is a smart child. He is a love child; nannies are all called her "Da sheng".
If you are interested in Gordon, leave a comment!

Next is adorable Jimmy.

This little guy's DOB is 7/22/08. Here is the information about Jimmy:SN Conclusion and suggestion: 1. introrsus deformity of both hands, deformity of left thumb,four fingers on right hand, deformity of the middle finger and the index finger; 2. non-development and underdevelopment of both forearms and hands

Jimmy is smart, out going, has a ready smile, with sweet face, the deformity of handsdoes not cover his lovely and handsome appearance at all, appropriate physicalgrowth and stature, can stand up alone with holding onto handrails, is learning to walk,likes playing in baby walker, can make simple words, responds to others’ asking forobjects, gets along well with children in the same room and is close to caretakers. Now he is 69cm in height, 7.3kg in weight, 44cm in head size, 46cm in chest size, 6teeth, because he suffers congenital deformity of both hands he has to hold thingswith both hands coordinately and the flexibility of his fingers is bad. He can laughaloud when being teased by others, can make simple words as if he is communicatingwith adults, likes being held by familiar people, is not afraid of strangers and does notcry very often. He is out going and looks sweetly, so many people like him; he likes playing in baby walker best and likes cars and wooden horse toy.

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Next is pretty Natalie with FTIA.

Natalie is a beautiful 12 year girl, but very shy. She has had surgery to repair her cleft and palate. Our medical team felt like she would still need some work on her palate and perhaps cosmetic work on her lip. She also has dental cavities. Natalie has lived with the same foster family for 10 years. They report that she takes care of herself and helps with the housework. Natalie does well in school and is currently in 6th grade. Her favorite activities are ping-pong and computer games. She has learned some English but is not comfortable with speaking. She is so shy and quiet and does lack confidence in herself. Natalie’s best friend is Sean, who tries to encourage her, and she is never far from his side! Natalie can be seen at the beginning of this video.

For more information on Natalie, leave a comment!

Next is cutie Drew who is also from FTIA.

Drew is a 4 1/2 year old whose beautiful face will capture you. Drew has congenital DY of the spinal column. We were unsure at first how Drew was physically affected by this condition, until we saw him jump down three stairs! His gross and fine motor skills are great! Drew is in kindergarten and his language is superior. He is confident, outgoing, and friendly. He toilets independently and performs many activities of daily living with minimal assistance. He is just an amazing boy. Our medical team suggests an MRI of the spine and possibly a surgery upon Drew’s placement with his family.
For more information on Drew, leave a comment!

And on to precious Kent, with Lifeline.

Kent is a healthy 10 year old boy. He has a $1,500 scholarship available.
Kent is stated to be active and outgoing. He always tries to help the caregivers. He is very good at performances. He enjoys playing iwth his friends, playing games, football, or hide and seek.
For more information on Kent, leave a comment!

And beautiful Saige, also with Lifeline. Saige is 6.

1 CHD; tetralogy of Fallot 2 WBC and NEUT # go up 3 hypochromic microcytic anemia
Video taken in March 2009:
Password = llcs424
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And sweet Carly, with AAC.

Carly's birthday is May 3, 1999. Her care takers describe her as a polite, warmhearted, good child who cares about others. She is optimistic and easy going. Carly enjoys singing, dancing and outdoor activities. She also loves to draw and is very imaginative. Carly is a hep b carrier. She is otherwise a healthy child who is developmentally on track.
For more information on Carly, leave a comment!

And on to adorable Jayden, who is also with AAC.

This adorable little guy was born 2-10-2008. Jayden is very outgoing around those he is familiar with. he loves to play outside and with other children. He loves to explor and learn about things he has never seen. Jayden has a minor deformity of some of his fingers and toes. He also has cleft thoracic vertebral plate associated with meningocele which has been surgically corrected. He is able to walk, go up and down stairs, and dress and undress himself. He is also potty trained. His CT showed widened lateral venticles on both sides but he has not been diagnosed with any brain disorder. In fact he is very bright, can speak well, has great hand/eye coordination, and fine motor skills.
If you are interested in Jayden, leave a comment!

And lastly, darling Danny from LWB's blog.

My name is Danny. I am just two years old, am happy, and am loving life…despite the serious face I’m trying to put on for the camera!

I also enjoy an occasional treat from a visitor from LWB’s Nutrition Program. Snacks really make me happy, and I also love to visit the orphanage director’s office to see if he has left any on the table. I am a cooperative little guy, and I get along well with other children. My caregivers are very proud of me and tell me I am quite smart. I love to be active, and some of my favorite things are playing outdoors, dancing, and music. As you can see I am very curious and enjoy learning about new and interesting things.

Danny is such a little darling. Ironically, we think his serious face captures his silly side!
Due to Danny’s medical needs, his file will be available for matching through the Waiting Children Program. Danny is in need of a therapy that isn’t readily available in China, so finding a family is essential for him. Please contact your agency or to learn more about making Danny your darling!

Thank you, everyone, for taking ten minutes out of your day to read this post and see this precious waiting children in China who just want a family that loves them. Please pray and search your hearts and see if you are their forever family that they've been waiting on.

Joy :)


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