Saturday, August 14, 2010

Story-Part 2

A looonnggg time ago, I started another Story Journal Series. You can see it here. Now I'm ready for part 2!

March 3rd, 2010
Dear Journal,

Sitting on my bed with Mina, about to go eat lunch. Mina is the only one I've showed my journal to besides mom so far. Mina is playing with her pretty dark ponytail and watching me write. She wants a journal now, too. This morning after breakfast she came over and looked at my journal, then we put my paint set for painting my bike in my tote bag along with our other exploring equipment(Binoculars, notepad and pencil, water gun, etc.).

Georgi left to go see a movie with her friend Kaicee. Kale went to Violet's house, and dad and Connor went to a Red Sox game. Mom drove over to Mina's house to have a visit with her mom and plan stuff for our homeschool group which she and Miss Hailee lead. She offered to give us a ride over to her house since we were going over there anyway to paint my bike, but we thanked her and said no, we're going to ride our bikes. So we did, down the street to Mina's house, with our bags stuffed into our baskets. We passed a kitten on the way and picked it up and put it in my bag.

Once we got to Mina's house(we beat mom there!), we painted my bike with
NEON colors! I found out my paints work on paper too!! We then let the paint dry while we got a snack inside with mom and Miss Hailee. While we were there, Mina's cousins, Haven and Hunter, came over. They're identical twins. Haven is really nice. I like her. Hunter is shy and quiet at first, but really fun when his personality comes out.

Haven has long black hair that she always wears in a high ponytail, she has dark-brown-almost-black, sparkly eyes, she's skinny, short, and has SUPER tiny feet! Hunter has thick, shiny black hair which he has spiked into a little point on his forehead. He has black smiling eyes and is always laughing about something. He's big, but not fat. He's muscle-y. He towers over Haven! Anyway, Haven and Hunter asked Miss. Hailee if their mom could borrow one of her skillets or something, and they got it and went back to their house. We finished our snack and packed up our bags, then went out into the woods to explore around.

We climbed into a tree and started painting it. It looks really nice. We're thinking of building a little platform up in the tree since it's big and putting some umbrellas up there so we can have a make-shift clubhouse! We painted flowers and trees, and hearts and stars, and all kinds of things really! It was fun. Then we climbed down and packed everything up and went and found our kitten, who had wandered off to a nearby stump and was napping peacefully, and put her in the basket and rode back to my house for lunch! We came up here first so I could write. Now we're going to go eat, so I'll write later tonight or tomorrow!

Finnley Hope Ryder

Hope you enjoyed!
Hugs and Blessings,


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Love your story, Joy (and all the names of the characters too)! I love YOU!


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