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So I promised a long time ago that I would start one of my story diaries. I think that instead of doing a diary from a previous time era, I will do one from modern days. It'll be much more relatable. So here's the first entry! Of course I had to name her Finnley, after Miss Amy's daughter:) I love Finn's name! And Finnley's best friend's name is Mina, after Miss Amy's other daughter! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
Dear Journal,

Finn. That's my name. Finnley Hope Ryder, to be exact. And my older brother, Kale, my older sister, Georgi, and my younger brother, Connor, are calling my name. It's my birthday. Can't I write in peace? I'll be right back.

WOW! I just got back! It's an hour later, and when my brothers and sister called me down, there stood a beautiful, sky blue bike all for me! It has a bell, a basket, and a little bikeseat thing right behind where I sit so I can take Connor to his preschool! They all yelled happy birthday. Connor also gave me fifty cents; Georgi gave me coupons for me and a friend to the waterpark down about 15 minutes away; and Kale gave me a special set of paints that are perfect for painting glow-in-the-dark designs on my bike tires and rims! I can't wait to try it all out! Earlier today, Aunt Alyssa gave me this Journal!

Now I'm snuggled in bed, the lights are out in the room I share with Georgi. I have a flashlight under the covers.
Georgi is snorting like a pig in her sleep. There. I just threw one of my stuffed animals at her head and she shut her snout. Haha, I can't wait to tell my best friend, Mina, about my presents! I guess since this is a journal, I'm supposed to tell-all.

Mina has shoulder length dark brown hair, sparkly chocolate eyes; she's very skinny; she loves gymnastics; and she has some pretty long legs for her age. We're both 11. She can be bossy sometimes but sometimes I can too, so that's ok. She's very sassy, and she's smart too. She's really pretty and very clever. Sometimes she's really devious, too. Mina reminds you of one of those girls off a Hallmark movie who's really good at something like sports or dance or writing, or in her case, gym, and she's really beautiful. She's just kind of shy at first. Her favorite color is lime green. She has a younger sister named Aaliyah.

I have brown hair, not very dark but not very light...kind of chocolate-y dark. Like a hershey bar chocolate color. Except I hate hershey bars. I love sour candy. I love writing and dancing and singing and acting and sports....except I don't like basketball or tennis. Not really sure why. I am writing an exciting novel about a girl who gets lost in London, England! My favorite color is blue. My hair is reallly really long and straight!

Kale is 17, and he's SO annoying! But he can be protective which is sometimes very nice of him. He has a girlfriend named Violet, and she's so weird. But she has a younger sister named Kalli that's really nice. Kale has short, light brown hair, almost black eyes, and is very short. He's pretty skinny, but not as skinny as Mina.

Georgi is 13, she will be turning 14 very soon. She is always with all her annoying little girl friends that talk like crazy. If they're not talking, they're yelling. If they're not yelling, they're screaming. They're never quiet. I guess that explains her. But she does give good advice and cheers me up when something bad happens. She has mid-back length, blonde, wavy hair that she sometimes straigtens. She's trying to grow it out to my length. She has deep, deep blue eyes and wears lots of mascara to draw attention to them. She also wears blush. She's such a priss.

Connor turned 4 last month. His best friends are Aaliyah, Mina's sister, and his friend from preschool, Eric. He has silky medium brown hair that falls in front of his face. He can be annoying, but then he turns up the cute factor. He has hazel eyes like dad. He's pretty tall for his age. He loves soccer and baseball.

Mom has brown eyes, and shoulder length auburn hair with little hints of blonde streaks. She's so loving and comforting. We all go to her for advice and love. I've only seen her cry twice, and that was when something bad happened to a family member. She's so brave. I wanna be just like her. She stays home and homeschools us.

Dad has hazel eyes, because that's where Connnor gets his. He has blackish brown hair that kind of looks like a crossover of a buzz cut and a shorter version of Elvis' 'do. He's very handy and he is a insurance adjuster. He goes on roofs, in houses, behind houses, sometimes even under houses!

It's 11:11. Make a wish!

P.S. I pasted a decoration on this page!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Love your journal entry! Those names sound a little familiar! :) I'm so glad you love to write!

I love you! 10!

Amy said...

What a great story! (and of course I love the names :) ) Girl you are wise beyond your years, and beautiful and smart to boot! You rock! I hope you have a fantastic time in China, and keep your blog going. Soak in all the culture it is so wonderful.
Thanks for the name suggestions too. I really like Kai, we are also thinking of the name Ty . I like it because it still sounds a little bit Chinese. I have to spend some time on all those baby name websites...maybe once I am DTC I will have a chance.
Squish Luke for me :)

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