Thursday, August 5, 2010

Journal Entries from China.

I kept a journal in China, which I found at Claire's for about 10 dollars. Nothing much, but I thought it was cute, and it had Chinese writing on the pages. Well I thought I'd sort of edit them onto my blog as posts, because that's what I wrote it for, to be able to look back on it. :) This was the first entry, when we were sitting in the airport.

June 17th, 2010, 3:22 AM. Airport.
Airport! I'm at the airport!It's all so new and different to me! I mean it's like Christmas! I already miss Colt, Pop, Grandmama and Bambi. :) I wanted to play games on Mom's laptop because I'm so BORED but it went dead. Now I'm looking at my "Then and Now" book and writing here in my journal.
*A few minutes later*
Now we're talking to an aiport policeman. Well I'm going to find something to do....I can't wait until I can email and blog!

Same Day 5:58 AM
I'm on the plane! We haven't taken off yet. I'm sitting across from dad, a bald guy, and a hippie! The hippie's nice though. He plays the banjo! WEIRD!! The plane is SO tiny!!! I can't wait until I can get wifi and our journey to me and email and everything! Weird people come to airports....Hope to see a movie star in the San Fransisco airport! Haha. I got a window seat! Woo hoo!

Same day 9:00 AM
Just boarded the plane that will fly us from Minnesota to San Fransisco. Hippie and Bald Man are gone now. I can't wait until we get to Beijing! Everything is just "I can't wait", isn't it? I just want to crawl into my Chinese bed and go to SLEEP! :)
Flying is sooo fun! The wait isn't fun, but still. Our plane has wifi but the laptop is dead. I have another big window seat to me!

Same Day 1:47 PM
On the plane to Tokoyo! I'm one of the only Americans. I regonize a bunch of people from Minnesota such as, the cute little Asian kid with his mom, the little girl from the airport reasturant, the guy who was singing on the escalator, etc. Our "neighbors" for this 11 hour flight are: On the right, there is a young Asian couple. They seem nice. In front of us are 2 older Asian men, one who looks like my friend's dad, and an older Asian woman. On the left is a Asian man and his son, I think. The man is reading a book. I have been drawing and reading. For lunch I had sprite, vinegar and salt chips, and a fruit foll up. By the way, the book I'm reading is "The Best Christmas Paegant Ever". Ahh, what memories!! Haha. My ears are popping. I think I'm going to eat goldfish crackers, read, then hopefully go to sleep. I dunno....I wish Christina and Colt were here, they would keep me entertained.

I hope you enjoyed! I'll post more of it soon!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I recall those moments well! Especially the very talkative bald man! :) Glad you had your journal to keep you occupied! I don't miss the time on the plane though!

Love you! 10!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I enjoyed reading your journal from your trip. You did a very good job of sharing what you were seeing and experiencing, and I know you'll be glad you did, because as time goes by, this will help you remember it all so much better.
Have a wonderful week Joy!

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