Saturday, July 31, 2010

VBS fun!

Starting on last Thursday night, we have been having our church VBS, the Pirates Who Don't do Anything. last night was our last night, and I'm very sad! I'm on the worship crew, and I help out in the Yo Ho Ho opening show. I love getting dressed up in my pirate gear and wearing my "Bucko" name tag. Bucko is my pirate name, I'm part of the quadruple B's, Bumpo(Molly Grace), Boho(Taylor), Billy Bob(Sarah), and then me, Bucko. The VBS is truly great, I love watching these kids learn about God.

On Friday night, mom, dad, and Luke came in to watch the opening show! Before we started, I took Luke back to the preschooler's playroom and he LOVED it!! It took me a while to get him to go sit down with mom and dad for the show!

There's always our clue for the day about what we're learning about, a skit from Bones and Bumpo(Bones is played by our friend Ms. Haley), our theme song, our theme verse(Phil. 4:13) , and our worship songs. During the opening show we also have snacks. We have a craft or science experiment that relates to our lesson, and then we head to the Bible Theater for a Bible story with sound effects and everything. That's my favorite part! After that, we go to the Yo Ho Ho Closing Show where we do our scripture verse, a quiz on our lesson, a skit again from Bones and Bumpo, and then our last worship song, "In the Secret". This VBS is so greatt!

Here's some pics from Friday night:

Praise and Worship


Ms. Rebecca, the Praise pirate, and Bucko :)

Pirate gear on and ready to go!



Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Ya'll did a great job in leading this week! I'm really proud of you....and you looked cute doing it too! :)

Love you! 10!

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