Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More updates!

Life has suddenly gotten busier :)

But I think we're finally finding our new normal. The first few weeks were very very hard on me and mom, and Luke too. Sometimes he would cry solid for an hour or so when it was time for bed or a nap, and Luke was clinging to mom a lot, and she couldn't get anything done, and when I tried to help, Luke would scream and hit at me, so I felt left out. But now, he's gotten much better, and he's sleeping good; he's very happy and playful; and he's coming out of his shell around strangers! Yesterday he went over to Grandmama and Pop's house and stayed over there by himself for about 30 minutes, then I came over and we made brownies while mom and dad took a walk. He's learning SO much more English, and understands even more than he can speak. The other day, he was laying in bed with mom and she said, "Do you want to go wake up jie jie?" he shook his head. "Do you want to go nuya(potty)?" he shook his head. "Do you want to go eat?" he shook his head. "Do you want to lay right here in bed?" and he nodded. How cute is that?? He knows how to turn his light in his bedroom off and on and communicates with us pretty well. I taught him the hand motions and words to Phillipians 4:13 from our VBS, so maybe we can get that on video for you all!

I watched this video of Ms. Traci and Mr. Herman's Emilia, over and over again, so I had to try this. Luke can say "Pine" and "Apple" just fine, but when he puts them together, it's just mush! I hope we can get that on video too, it's hilarious!

Luke is fearless when it comes to the water. He will jump in by himself, be dragged, thrown, or pushed in and come up giggling and and coughing up water because he ALWAYS leaves his mouth open! It can be a bad thing, because he will bail off in the water sometimes, but then again, he's not afraid to get in and have fun, so one of us doesn't have to stay out and hold him while the other swim. He usually wears either his ring float and his arm floaties(which are very cheap), or he just wears his arm floaties and we hold onto him. He can swim from one person to another most of the time, so maybe next Summer we can get him into swimming lessons. It'll be a breeze for him!

If any of you follow Ms. Melissa's blog, you might remember this video. And if you do, then you remember how CUTE this one part is when she does her hands in a circle, then holds them up and looks at them, like one of those greek statues, lol! Luke does that in his own way, and usually it ends up looking like he's slapping someone, then putting up his hands as if saying, "What did I do?" lol. But it's still cute!!

There are SO many things I need to put on videos of, so keep checking back and checking mom's blog!

Love and blessings,


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hey Joy,

Things are getting better all the time as far as a routine and getting used to life with a very busy two year old, isn't it? Nap time is nice, isn't it? :)

Love you! 10!

Annie said...

Love, Love, Love your new header!!!! So cute! I am so glad ya'll are back and things are better. Those first few weeks home can be very hard but it sounds like Luke has started to adjust! You have got one really cute little brother and from what I read on your Mom's adoption journal, you are one really great big sis!!!

Nancy M. said...

It's good to hear things are settling down there! He always looks like such a happy little boy!

Elle Bee said...

I love hearing you talk about your baby brother. He is so cute and you are so good with him! You really are a sweetheart to be so patient while everyone adjusts.

Thanks for the comment on my blog--I thought the note box was SUCH a great idea. How fun to look for the surprise of a response to eachother's notes! We may have to get our own note box!

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