Monday, March 23, 2009

YAY!!! A GIFT!!!

Good morning, everyone. I think this is one of the first times I have posted in the morning!!!! I usually have school, but, like I said I'm on Spring Break!!! Yay!

Sunday, when we got home from my Aunt Betty's house, mom saw a package at our front door. Now, let me back up a minute. A few weeks back, Ms. Janae asked my mom for our address. My mom gave it to her. So, going back to Sunday, Mom came in from the front door with a big 'ole grin on her face!!!! "She sent us something!!!" My mom tore in. She pulled out a card that said, "Tammy and Joy"...that's when I REALLY got excited!!! My mom said, "Joy, there's something in here for you!" Here I am before
I opened it:

I didn't get pics of mom's gift, but, you can CLICK HERE to see her post about it. Here she is!!!! The cutest little thing! She has a flower in her ear and a tag around her neck that says "BE JOYFUL". Thank you, Ms. Janae!!!!!

And this, is where she is going to stay. Right here on my bed. I haven't named her yet. Can you help me think of some names? I thought of Patsy, but...I don't know.

I have to go see what mom's doing. The whole family-mom, dad, Colt, and me-are going to "America's Incredible Pizza Place"!!! It's sort of like Chuck E. Cheese's.....but better. I'll post about it.

Oh, and about Sarah: Plain and Tall...well, we didn't watch it because Colt brought in "Bolt". I REALLY like that movie!!! And then, last night, we were going to watch it, but, Netflix sent us the wrong movie. They sent the second movie on the list, "The Cross and the Switch Blade". But that was REALLY good too.

Love, Joy


wrcdgc said...

Love your bunny! How about the name Faith like your Friday posts.

I hope you have fun at the Pizza Place and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Spring Break.


CozyCoops Corner said...

Your bunny is so cute sitting on your bed! I'm so glad you like her:-)I think Patsy is a very cute name! Hope you're having a nice spring break.Have fun at the Pizza Place!

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

Joy, It's me, Corinn, I'm Allyson's friend too. I really like your blog. That bunny is cute:). Thanks for leaving me a comment.

Love, Corinn

Susan said...

Your bunny is so cute. That was sweet of Janae. Enjoy your spring break. We still have a few weeks until ours.

Amber said...

I can't think of a name, but your bunny is cute. :o)

Zaroga said...

That was very nice of Janae to send you such a beautiful gift. I have no idea of what to name your bunny.

This Country Girl said...


Ms. Janae sure is a sweetheart! I love your bunny and I love both of my gifts! I think your little bunny looks right at home on your bed! I would have to think a little on the name, but I'm sure that whatever you name her will be fine.


green gables girl said...

Hi, Joy!

Ahhh... that's such a cute bunny! Maybe you should name it Joy, after your self! After all, it does say "be joyful". And that's such a good saying what it says on it!
Let me know what you choose to name it!
See ya!!! :) =D
Love, Lyssie

green gables girl said...

Joy, it me again. I just stopped by again because I just went over and saw your mom's gift!!! It's so cute!!!! It's a mommy and a baby!

The Whites said...

What a sweet surprise! We're going to watch Bolt tonight - hope it's good!


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