Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letter F and Mexican Girl Diary Day 7

HOLA, ME AMIGOS!!!! How are you today? Well, I know I haven't done the A B C meme
in awhile, but, I thought I'd do one today.

F is for feather(something your cat will like).

I remember getting this feather from a girl I knew from my old dance school. Everybody loved her and she was one of my good friends. So, she had on her feathery costume and we(she and I) were playing with the feathers that came off, and she just gave it to me!!! I always loved her costume! She was Ms. Mexico(we were doing the dance where every girl got to be a country). I was Ms. France. I had a gold, glittery costume with a sash that said "MS. FRANCE" on it.


Now, I know most of you have gotten really into this diary, so, even though I was only going to do 7 days, and today would be the end, I think I'm going to do day 8, so stay tuned!!!!!

March, 28th, 1781


Great news!!!! We have arrived!!!! Today, Papa` showed Mama` and I our plot of land, and-oh! It's just sooo beautiful! And when Papa` said "our land"-oh, I just almost went to pieces!!! Mama` started crying along with the other women, and I can promise you, the baby in Mama`'s stomach was proably startled!!! Ha! Well, the men said they would start on our house first, so Mama` could sleep in a warm bed along with the baby. There IS bad news, though. I only have 1 page left for my diary here, so, I can only write one time. Mama` will have her baby in 6 months!!!!! Next time I write, I will tell if my younger sibling is a girl, or a boy. I will also tell how our house turned out, and how Mama` is after the baby.
Maria`'s Mother has died. Maria has found strength in coming to us in her time of need, since her Papa` has been quite sad, yet busy. Mama` and Papa` say busyness cures the broken heart. We are planning a surprise fiesta as soon as possible for Maria and her father, so, I will also write about that in my last entry too. Here is what my house will hopefully look like!

Goodbye for now,


Susan said...

Oh, I'm so glad Amaya and her family made the trip safely. Can't wait to hear about the new baby! That's so sad what Maria and her Papa have had to go through. I'm so loving your diary.

wrcdgc said...

I can't wait for the ending of this great story.

I love the picture of Bambi. She is a cute little rascal. :)


Goat Creek Grandma said...

I love reading the entries to Amya's diary. Thank you Joy!


Zaroga said...

A wonderful entry for the letter F. So nice to have people to touch our hearts as your friend did.

Joy, you are such a great writer. I am enjoying Amaya's diary. I think you could go on for a long time with the story.

green gables girl said...

Hi, Joy!
What a great story!!!
Can you give me a letter for the alphabet meme please? Thanks!Oh, and on the other meme I did, the L meme, I didn't see a comment. But thanks for reading it though!
Love, Lyssie

This Country Girl said...


I feel like I know Amaya. I'm glad she made it safely with her family and that she will have a brother or sister, but I'm so sorry for Maria's family. But truthfully, times were hard then and it probably happened that way.

You're doing a fine job on your diary. I'm enjoying it very much!

Love you,

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