Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Book/Movie, and Prayer Requests!!!

Most of you know from my recent Faithful Friday's post, that I went on vacation for Spring Break to my Aunt Betty and Uncle Richard's house. I will tell about that later on another post.

Anyway, for the book/movie part of this post, I have seen all three versions of Little Women, by Lousia May Alcott. She is my favorite author, and I read a biography on Louisa called Louisa May Alcott, Girl of Old Boston, and it inspired me to start writing a book...but...ANYWAY...I LOVE "Little Women", and I like the newest version with Winona Ryder as "Jo", and Kirsten Dunst as "Beth", best. What's your favorite version? Well, the other day, mom and I were just saying we wanted to buy the newest version of it, and we went to a consignmnent store close to my Grandmamma's doctor. We walked in the door, and I said, "MOMMA!!!!!" "LOOK!" "LITTLE WOMEN!!!" "YAY!" "CAN WE BUY IT?"

Mom: "Yay!" "Well, hold onto it, and we might buy it."

Me(thinking)Yep....we're going to get it.

And we did.

I just want to share some of the many things that I LOVE about Little Women!!!!

I love that Jo is like me. She can be a girly girl, and she can be a tomboy. Louisa was like that, too. Beth is sooo sweet. I just wish she didn't have to get sick and all. And I think the newest version of the movie has more story to it. It tells more than the other two versions. Louisa modeled all the characters after her family. I know Louisa was "Jo". Anna, her sister, the oldest and most proper, was "Meg". Elizabeth, the sweet, small, 3rd oldest girl, was most likely "Beth", and, even though she wasn't as snotty as the movie makes her out to be, Abba May, the youngest, was "Amy". The book also has WONDERFUL illustrations!!!


I have a few prayer requests. I would like for you to pray for my cousin, Josh, that he would get saved. I don't know what it is about him that sparks my curiosity, but, he's kinda the "punk" kind. And....I just really want him to get saved. Also, please pray for Kandi, Ms. KatherineEllen's daughter. Please also pray for Ms. Lea's son, Jase. He is having some heart problems, so, let's just pray he'll be alright. She also hasn't posted in awhile, so, please pray everything's alright. And pray for Ms. Donna and her husband. They really want to get a job, and everybody knows times are tough. One more thing. Mrs. Anne asked everyone to pray for her son, Samuel, when he gets his root canal.

Well, mom, dad, and I are getting ready to watch Sarah: Plain and Tall, so, I'll go now. I'll tell you how it is!!!

Love, Joy =D


Goat Creek Grandma said...

Hi Joy,

Hope you enjoyed your visit to your Aunt and Uncle's. I am still patiently waiting for my spring break at school. It will not start until April 9th. Seems like a long way off.

I have only seen two versions of the movie 'Little Women' and enjoyed them both.

Hope you have a great Monday! Take Care,


Zaroga said...

I'm sorry to say that I never read the Little Women series. I did see the version of the movie you bought. It was very good.

I just said a prayer for those you mentioned.

I liked Sarah: Plain and Tall.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I have that version too Joy! I love it and always cry when Beth dies. I read the book when I was a little bit older than you, it is amongst my very favorite books.

wrcdgc said...


You filled my eyes with tears and my heart with joy. You are so kind to include me in your prayer list. You are so wise beyond your years. I hope blogging never fades out so that I can continue to get to know you as you grow up. What a blessing it is to have met you and your mother. :)

Also I love love love Little Women both versions but I prefer the newer version as well.


This Country Girl said...


Yes, I definitely like this version of the movie best after watching all three! I'm glad we bought the movie....I can see us popping that one in and watching it often!

Those are great prayer requests. I'm praying for these people!

I love you!

green gables girl said...

Oh! I've watched Sarah plain and tall!
Okay, I will try to remember to pray. Also, My mom is going to have a root canal too.
Mmm.... Maybe I'll have to see that version of Little Women! And guess what?! We started watching Little women, But We'll have to finish watching it. Maybe tonight. It's the one where "June Allyson" plays "Jo".
And another thing, my newest post is about Little Women!!!

See ya!!!
Love, Lyssie

Shellmo said...

Little Women was one of my favorite books too! So happy you were able to get the movie you wanted! I will pray for all your friends/family that you have listed.
have a great day Joy!!!

In His service, Anne said...

Joy...your so sweet to have mentioned Samuel. So, your the first to know...he made it through very well...Praise God!! Now we just have to watch for bleeding. I too love little women...we are in the process of reading it as a bedtime story(Samuel protests about this)-lol. Will pray for your cousin's salvation.

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