Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mexican Girl Diary

My mom gave me an assignment (well, the big Sonlight book said to). I have to imagine that I'm a Mexican girl traveling to California in the year 1781. Here goes!

Febuary 2nd, 1781.

Hola. I am a 10 year old Mexican Nina`. My name is Amaya. Today twelve Mexican families-23 men and women and 21 children-are leaving Alamos, Mexico. Today is also my birthday. My Papa`, my Mama`, and my 4 year old brother are going to California. The trip will be hard, the voyage long. But my family is strong. My Papa` knows many things. But I will miss the families who are staying behind. My best amigo, Maria`, her Papa`, Mama`, and 4 year old brother are coming though!!!! We will have best of times! Well, Mama` is calling to me. We are still loading because Mama` is bringing her furniture with her as most Senora`s are not. I have to help. But, before I leave I want to show you my doll that I am bringing for company. Her name is Rosita`. I named her after the wisest woman in Alamos, Senorita` Rosita. Here she is:

Until tomorrow,


Susan said...

Good job, Joy. I enjoyed your story. Have a great day!

Shellmo said...

Very cute! (My husband's parents were born in Mexico!)

wrcdgc said...

Great story. I can't wait to come back and read more tomorrow.


CozyCoops Corner said...

Very nice ! I like your doll too !:-)

The Whites said...

Great job, Joy. It's so fun to write your own story - I love to write!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a great writer you are, your mom was smart for letting you try blogging as it surely is helping you:)

Stop by my blog and scroll down to the last picture Samantha and Sydney wanted you to see their American girl dolls.
Have a great day,

This Country Girl said...


I can't wait to read more about Amaya's journey. You've got me wanting to see how things turn out for her! I think you're doing a great job

Love you,

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Such a lovely story Miss Doodlebug. Hope you'll write more chapters to describe her journey.


green gables girl said...

Hi, Joy!
That was a very neat story!
It kind of reminds me of American girl.
When you grow-up mabye you should be a writer.

I am sending you a little surprise in the mail!!
It might not be as big or exciting... but I think you will still like it...
You= Great Friend

Love, Allyson

Amber said...

Hi, Joy,
Rosita is very cute. Hope Amaya has a good journey to California. :o)

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