Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Cousin Sydney

My cousin, Sydney, is also one of my best friends. Last time we went down to where she lives, I went to my Great-Grandma's house almost everyday. My cousin, Sydney, was there about the second time I went. She and I persuaded her Nana to let her come over to the place we were staying at. Here's a picture of us. Some of the people in our family say we look alike. Can you tell?

We like to pretend that we're twins. We also have alot in common. We both LOVE the Jonas Brothers. We both have a DS. We both like to play pretend. We both like to play dolls. We both like being outdoors. We both do dance, etc.
We have been writing each other back and forth, sending pics, drawing hearts that say our names plus Joe!
Thanks for being my friend, Sydney!


CozyCoops Corner said...

You do look a lot alike ~ Very pretty girls! That's neat that you are best friends with your cousin :-) I just love the Jo Bros too. I think Love Bug and Tonight are my favorite songs of theirs. Have a great day Joy !
Janae :-)

Amber said...

Hi, Joy! I like Joe Jonas, too! He is SOOOOOOO cute!

basketsnprims said...

Good morning, Joy.
You and your cousin Sydney do look alot alike and you could pass for sisters. You are both such cute girls. I'm glad that you have such a special friend and have so much in common. Have a good day.


wrcdgc said...

Joy you and Sydney do look a lot alike. I used to love spending time with my cousins when I was growing up.

Oh no not another Jonas Brother fan. Both of my girls drive me crazy with their music. They are kind of cute I guess.


Anonymous said...

Joy, you and your cousin Sydney do resemble alot of each other! You both are really cute girls. It makes it so nice that you both like alot of the same things to do and play with... Makes for lots of fun when you both are together...

I love hearing the Jonas brothers also!

Have a great weekend with your family Joy!

Love & Blessings,

This Country Girl said...

Hi Joy,

You and Sydney do have a great time together. Ya'll get along really well. I think she owes you a letter, doesn't she? I love both of these pictures! It's fun playing twins sometimes...I remember doing that with one of my good friends. Everyone said we looked alike. Her name was Kara.

Love you,

Homespun Simplicity said...

Hi, Joy! How fun that you and your cousin are best friends! It sounds like you have a really good time together.

Amber REALLY likes your blog, too!!!!


Amber said...

Hi, Joy,
You have an award at my blog for you!

Zaroga said...

Joy, I caught up on reading your blog. You are such an interesting person. You and your cousin do look a lot a like.

I used to really love music until the places I worked played music all the time... the same songs over and over. Usually the genre that didn't interest me. I just got tired of it :-(

I have begun to like music again. I'll have to take a listen at the Jonas Bros. :-D

Shellmo said...

Yes - you two do look a lot of like! You're both very pretty with nice smiles!
My stepson Gregory loves the Jonas brothers too!

green gables girl said...

Hey Joy!
That was a really nice post.
Guess what? [long time ago] :) Me and my sister pretended that we were twins! I had to squaut down to her size!

You too look like you could be sisters!
Love, Allyson

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

You two certainly do like two peas in a pod! Cute times 2! LOL

I want you to know that I'm learning Jonas brothers songs from listening to your blog and hoping to be the coolest aunt to my little nieces!


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