Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meme: 10 Things I love That Start With D

I was assigned a letter by Ms.Zaroga. It was letter D. I have to list 10 things that I love that start with the letter D.

1. Dad - I love my dad sooo much! He calls me Joy Max!

2. Dance - I love it when we do pirouettes!

3. Dogs - I love dogs! I used to have one...but...she got hit by a car...:(

4. Dolls - I love just going into my room or upstairs and getting out a few of my dolls and just playing!

5. Diet Dew - SOOOO HEAVENLY!!!!

6. Donut Holes - I love the taste of donut holes! Which reminds me....I haven't had any in awhile.....hmmm.....

7. Delano Roosevelt - Now what a good president was he? He handled The Great Deppresion in a wheelchair!

8. Disney Movies - I love The Little Mermaid.

9. Ducks - They're sooo cute! I REALLY like the little babies!

10. Dell Computer - MY first computer!

If you would like me to assign you a letter say so in your comment and I will. But even if you don't want to still leave me a comment! =D


CozyCoops Corner said...

I love your D list Joy ! Donut Holes do sound really good ! Now I will be thinking of them when I get groceries today :-)They might jump right into my cart ! Have a great day !

wrcdgc said...

Joy I always enjoy your blog. Sometimes you help me with ideas in my own blog like yesterday. Jut so you know I started reading your Mom's blog right when Liberty adopted you. I was hooked on your Mom's blog after that first post about Liberty and kept coming back. :)


Karen said...

Hi, Joy! You did a great job on your "D" words! Which also reminds me...I haven't had any donut holes in awhile either! :-)


Amber said...

I would like to play. Can you give me a letter?

Anonymous said...

Joy, I too love your "D" list! Those donut holes sound sooo good to me too! It's been a really loooong time since I've ate one!! Gosh, maybe a bag of them could sort of jump into my grocery cart when I get out and do my grocery shopping too! :)

I love dolls too! I collect porcelain dolls... My son Jamie got me started on a collection of them. I have 7 beautiful dolls that Jamie got me, and I have 3 Barbie collector dolls that I bought from Avon, and I have 4 other small porcelain dolls. I display all but 5 in my lighted china hutch in our living room. I have one doll standing ontop of our computer desk, and I have two dolls standing ontop of our TV stand, and I have two dolls standing on one of my knick knack shelves in our livingroom.. I see lots more dolls when I'm out and about, but... I don't have anymore room in our home to display them..and they are too pretty not to share with everyone that comes to visit!

We have 3 puppy dogs.. Our oldest dog is a minature schnauzer named Fritzi. He is almost 13 years old. Our second puppy dog is a chocolate lab named Shelba. She is about 7 or 8 years old. Then we have a german shepherd named Zoe, who is about 8 years old. They all are pretty good puppy dogs! Very, very spoiled, just like our Kitty Kat is!!

Have a great day Joy!

Love & Blessings,

green gables girl said...

Those are all great D things!
I would put my Dad in to that for the alphabet, too!
Oh! I'm really excited to get your letter!
Love, Allyson
P.S....You can give me a letter to do, too! That would be fun! :)

This Country Girl said...


That was fun, a little challenging, but fun, wasn't it? I like what you came up with! Great job!

Love you,

Leslie said...

Hi, Joy, I felt right at home here with the Jonas Brothers. My daughter just LOVES them so I hear them all the time and honestly, shhhh- I like them too! LOL She got to see them in concert back in September. Best night of her life!!! Sweet blog!


Amber said...

Thanks for the letter M. I have them posted now. It was fun. I'm glad you got some snow. I hope it's enough to go sledding. :o)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You did great with your letter "D" and happy that you put your dad first:)
Have a great evening!

Shellmo said...

I like Ducks and Disney movies too! When I was a little girl, I had donald duck slippers that I would wear all the time! :-)
your blog is very fun to read!!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Joy,
It's me again! I'd like to play along too, can you give me a letter?
I'll be waiting:)

Kath said...

What a wonderful "D" list Joy!
Some of my favorite "D" things are the same as yours :) I used to have pet ducks and I LOVE dogs!!
My dad is my #1 "D" too!

Have a happy day!

Sue said...

You did a GREAT job with the letter D. Your mom gave me a letter and I'll post about it next week. It's hard for me....maybe I need some help from YOU!

Zaroga said...

Joy, you did a great job! I think the letter D was perfect for you. I said a little prayer before choosing :-)

I too love dogs. We don't have a dog right now. Our beloved Annabelle passed away in 2007. Sometimes I still feel like she is with us.

I'll read more in your blog later... just had to read your answers for this :-)

pioneergirl said...

Hey, Thanks for the comment. Cute blog. How old are you? I am 11. Can you assighn me a letter? Thanks a lot. Is this for the A B SEE photo meme?
Serenity or Pioneergirl

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