Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Cats

I have two cats. I love them very, very much and I decided that I wanted to share their pictures with you. This is Bambi. She is really mean at first(to strangers) but when you get to know her and she starts to trust you, she can be really, really, really, sweet. She and her sister, Matty, are both a year old. But Bambi has her naughties. She will sometimes bite, hiss, and for some particular reason, when she's happy, she will chew on you. lol! She will also jump up in the computer seat with me! lol! She comes to me every night for a little bit of loving!

This is Matty. She is really sweet too....but...she has a LOT of naughties!!! lol! When she has to potty she doesn't squat...which usually results with potty outside the litter box. When she is happy, she pretends to nurse people. It's really funny! Matty will look like she hugs me sometimes. She puts her paws on my shoulders. I can say, Matty, give me a kiss, and she will lick me on the cheek! She will also jump out and pounce on Bambi. The little booger wouldn't look at the camera!


CozyCoops Corner said...

You have pretty cats and I like their names ! I used to have two cats when I was much younger and their names were JR and Mittens. Now I just have to big silly dogs named Ben and Ranger. Maybe I should do a post about them one day. Hope you have a great day Joy !
Janae :-)

ghomeschool said...

What some cute furballs. Mine will rarely jump up for lovin, but just the other night as I was working on the computer, he appeared on my lap. (All 15+ pounds of him.) Cool blog!!!

wrcdgc said...

I love your cats Joy. My cat Ms. Pretty looks a lot like Bambi. My other cat Pepper well he sometimes is like Matty and will miss that litter pan also. I still love them even when they are naughty. :) I am really enjoying your blog. Great job!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I've never had a cat so when I read blogs I can see that they can be so loving. Michael and Corrie have a cat...Michael has fallen so much in love with Isabella they brought her home from a animal shelter.
Have a great day Joy!

Anonymous said...

Joy, I love your two kitty cats! We have one who looks almost exactly like your Bambi. His name is Kitty Kat and is 8 years old. We use to have a beautiful all white kitty, named Snowflake, but we let her and Kitty Kat outside one day, but she never has returned home yet... Kitty Kat did come back home though.. We have alot of young families in our neighborhood, and I'm thinking that just possibly someone else may have fell in love with Snowflake too and decided to keep her in their home with them. She was such a friendly cat. We didn't wear a collar on her.. so someone may have thought she was without a home. We've not seen her anywhere in over a year now..

Kitty Kat likes to *think* ;) he rules sometimes! He thinks he's another King Tut! He meow's when he wants to be fed, meow's to go outside, and meow's when he wants more attention... He really likes to think he rules! :) We love him lots and enjoy him a bunch too! He is quite spoiled though! :) He can just be a little pain sometimes with all that meowing!

You are doing such a wonderful job on your blog Joy! I really enjoy reading it!

Have a wonderful day Joy!

Love & Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hey Joy! What a great blog you have! Today your mom posted a pic of a stitchery I sent to her, and that made me feel so good! I love your cats. We have a dog, and he is very much a favorite member of our family. I can't think of any "naughties" that he has! lol
Have a great day,

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Well Hi Joy, you are becoming quite the little blogger and are so good at it..I just love your kittys..they remind me so much of my Pody Ann as she is a maine coon like yours are..We have 8 kittys, 1 stinky puppy.(I call all dogs that) and 1 mouse named jingles..we have had him for 6 years now..my kitty sunny found him as a minute baby so we raised him up on bread and milk and now he lives in his habitat and eats real food...he is cute..although we don't pet him as he is a little skittish...Keep up the good work in blogging.. I follow your moms blog..You are such a cute and sweet little girl..:)
Gina ;)

This Country Girl said...


You got some pretty good pictures of the kitties. They can be very entertaining, can't they, but sometimes a little naughty!

Love you,

Shellmo said...

Your 2 kitties have such cuter personalities! They made me laugh! my cat likes to try to nurse on my arm sometimes!

Amber said...

I like the pictures of your cats. I have a black and white cat with a pink nose. Most of the time he's sweet, but sometimes he's sassy. He growls and hisses at my dog and tries to slap him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy! you posted about one of my favorite topics....CATS!! I just love them!! I only have one, Maxie, she is sort of a rescue cat. A friend of my husband's was feeding her but thought she belonged to the neighbors and he neighbor thought she belonged to him. He then realized she was pregnant so he brought her inside to take care of her. So we went to visit them thinking of getting one of the kittens but I fell in love with her and he said I could have her if I really wanted to. So when she was done nursing the kittens I got to have her. She was a tiny little thing then but I have definitely fattened her up, LOL. She is such a good kittie and is barel naughty. She is also old now, so I always forgive her. She mostly sleeps now and loves to cuddle and sleeps by my feet most of the night. Sometimes when I am typing on the laptop on the couch,she tries to lay on my arm and then I cant type, she is so silly sometimes!!

Anyway, love your blog and keep up the good work with your writing.

Jill From NY (a friend of your mom's)

Back in the Day said...

I loved reading your blog about your cats. We have two adult cats and now have 5 kittens! We have our hands full with those little rascals! They are running all over the house now!
Your blog is awesome! Keep up the good work!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Your cats are so precious...I'm a cat lover myself...I have six of them...one in the house and a mama and babies in the barn.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Your kitties are sooo sweet! I have a calico named Twigs. She sleeps at night in a tiny little crate with our Chiauaua dog like they're best friends. It is the funniest thing!

Have a wonderful weekend,

green gables girl said...

Hey Joy!
Looks like you've had some fun those cats!
I have pets too, but not cats.
But after I played with another cat... I like them!:)

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