Friday, January 30, 2009

Letter B a Giveaway, and a Poll

B is for Bible

GOD'S holy word. I love hearing the story about Noah and the Ark! I like GOD'S word because it really IS GOD'S word! It may not have been written by GOD but GOD told the people who wrote it what he wanted it to say!

To learn more about the A B 'Sees' click HERE

Ms. Crazy Lady Primitives
is having this cute giveaway! The winner will be announced on Feb. 1st. It's really really cute!

Also, I have added a poll to my sidebar so scroll on down and take a look. For an assignment I'm going to graph the results. En"Joy"


CozyCoops Corner said...

Hi Joy,
I voted for England . I lived there for four years when I was in 3rd through 6th grade. I would love to go back for a visit and see all the castles again. It's a neat place !

Anonymous said...

Joy, I say that the Best word in the world for the letter B is BIBLE too! It's the best book ever, for everyone to read! Our God is an awesome God!

Have a great day Joy, and also have a great weekend with your family and love ones too!

Love & Blessings,

This Country Girl said...

Hi Joy,

Your A, B, See's have been fun to see. I also can't wait to find out the results of your know my favorite! :)

Love you,

wrcdgc said...

What a great thing to use for the letter B. If I had to use the letter B I would have said it's a Blessing getting to know you and your Mom.


Zaroga said...

Wonderful, Joy. You are good with the camera.

I voted :-)

Tammy said...

Wonderful job, Joy! These letter memes are so much fun...I know my daughter just loved working on the letter you gave her just now, too! :)
Mrs. Tammy :)

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Perfect B word! I just voted on your poll and chose Australia!


Shellmo said...

I think Bible was the best "B" you could've used! :-) I loved your poll - very fun! (I'm partial to Italy!)

Amber said...

Hey, Joy
I sent you an email!

basketsnprims said...

Joy, send me a letter and I will play. I have enjoyed reading everyone's lists. Very fun and cute idea. Thanks. Enjoy your weekend.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...


I am so glad to meet you. I love the B word you choose. I am a Sundat School Teacher and our church'c Children Church Director. I teach 1st thur 3rd grade students. You have a very nice blog here. I would like to visit you again if I may....Mary...

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy,

I'm a friend of your mom's from the Country Sampler. It's intersting that you should write about Noah because we gave our baby grand-daughter a Fisher-Price Noah's Ark set for Christmas. It has two lions, two zebras, two giraffes, and two turtles--really cute!! And, it also has Noah and "Mrs. Noah". That got us wondering what her real name is. So, I did some research and learned that her name is Naamah! Just thought you'd like to know, too!

I love your BLOG!!


CLPrim said...

Thanks for signing up for our free giveaway at Crazy Ladies Primitives. We have added your name in twice. We are about to draw names. Please stop by soon to see who won. Thanks again and good luck!
Leader of Crazy Ladies Primitives

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