Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hi everyone!

Today, I will be fast-forwarding you and yours truly about 20 years into the future.  Yeah.

And I will be showing you my dream house.  Oh yes, it's all planned out.

So, shall we begin our tour?

As we begin to enter my house, you can see our in-ground trampoline in the big, lucious yard.

And as we enter the screened-in back portion of our wrap-around porch, you see our outdoor hammock bed.

As we enter the foyer area, you can see our book wall.  Um, literally.  It's a wall of books.

You also see our reading nook.

Yo-yo pillows are everywhere.

And here you can see our pantry/kitchen area.  Over to the side is our table, where there sits a vase of yo-yo flowers.

And here are the sliding barn doors leading into the master bedroom, as well as the ones leading into the master bath.

And here is our master bath...

And here is a glimpse of the loft leading into the master bedroom (for some reason, this picture didn't get the barn doors!  Oops.  :P).  All of the bedrooms are upstairs.  Our downstairs is for the living area/kitchen/playroom (which we'll get to later).

And here is our guest room--the bunks, I tell you.

And here are the two other bathrooms, both outfitted with claw-foot tubs.

Our porthole laundry chute.

And now I lead you through all of the kids' rooms.  "We believe that having kids share rooms is a good thing; it teaches cooperation.  Therefore, we have a lot of bunk beds."

"Gosh!" you exclaim.  "How many kids do you have?"  "Thirteen," I reply readily and proudly.  "We're in the paperwork chase for our fourteenth, little Haven from China.  And that brings me to the next room.  When we were designing this house, I knew I wanted to make it as absolutely kid-friendly and kid-centered as possible.  So we built a wardrobe.  A wardrobe that leads into a playroom.  We hang fur coats in here so that the children can go to Narnia..."  I smile.  "And sometimes, when no one's looking, Mommy creeps into the wardrobe and goes to Narnia, too."

Is this not the neatest thing ever?!  I WANT ONE!
Just pretend that's a boy, okay?
As we walk around the playroom area, you can see that toys are scattered everywhere.  A little boy comes sliding down on a fireman's pole.  I smile.  "Hey there, Honor."

I turn and smile.  "Well, that's about it.  That's our house.  Oh, well, except for the pool."

"Oh, and would you like to meet my husband?"


Have a great day and God bless you!


Kathryn said...

WOW!!!! Nice house :)
Why wasn't I surprised when I saw Mr. America was your husband?! :) What does he think of all those children? :)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh boy I can't WAIT to come visit my beautiful sweet daughter in her awesome home! You know I'll have to jump on that trampoline on my way in. After we visit awhile, I'll be grabbing me a book (or two) from the book wall, retreating to the hammock bed on the wrap-a-round porch. After a couple of hours I'll be getting hunbry so we'll fix some lunch for us all in that gorgeous kitchen. After lunch, I'll play Narnia with my grandchildren (and maybe even slide down that fireman pole just to amuse the boys), then while the kids are napping, I'll relax in that dreamy reading nook with a yo-yo pillow in my lap. When evening comes, I'll be happy to take my bath in the log cabin bathroom with the old-fashioned claw foot tub. (By the way, you can call that mom's bathroom). :) I'll be sure and drop my clothes through that adorable laundry chute. After that, I'll tuck my 13 grandchildren in and kiss them all good night! Then I'll meet you in Narnia and we'll have a little fun after the kids are asleep. :) Then hopefully you'll have one of those lovely barn doors as my bedroom door, and I can slide them shut and dream wonderful dreams! (Love those doors)! And when we get up the next day, we'll have a pool party!

Does that sound like a plan?

Oh, and I do LOVE my son-in-law! You picked well dear! He (and you) waited for the right partner! :)

Can't wait for that visit!

Love you! 10!

Rachel said...


Joseph said...

Hi! I’m happy that you found one of our photos of our Floating Bed and that it inspired you to include them in your blog post. I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind crediting the image with a link below it to It's the second image from the top.

Thanks in advance! info{at}

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