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Faithful Fridays ~ Maria and Ricky

Hi everyone!  It's Friday!  I'm so sorry I haven't been posting...some of you might know that my PawPaw passed away last Thursday.  Things have been kind of crazy and we've all been out of the loop, so I haven't had a whole lot of time to post.  And Blogger got a new look, too!  I have to say...I'm not a fan.  :)  Something with my computer isn't cooperating with the new Blogger quite right.  Hopefully I'll get it all figured out soon.

Anyway...on with the post!

I started Faithful Fridays so that Christians could have one designated day (although, of course, we shouldn't have to keep it to one day) a week to share something from their Faith--a prayer request, answered prayer, Bible verse, song, poem, or just something God's laid on your heart. Just grab the button above (which unfortunately doesn't link to my blog automatically, you'll have to put the link), make your post, then leave a comment letting me know you participated! I'm trying to figure out how to get a link-up on here. Until then, I will have the links to other blogs that participate in Faithful Fridays here on my posts.

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Today's post isn't going to be like a lot of posts.

Today's post is just going to be about people.  Little people.  Two little people, to be exact.

Their names are Maria and Ricky.

They have dark hair.

Almond-shaped dark brown eyes.

Brilliant smiles.

And a little something special--it's often called a special need--but it's really just a special need for love.

Maria and Ricky are orphans.  They live in a little orphanage in Hunan, China.  Both have been on the Shard List for a long time and are now on BAAS (Bay Area Adoption Services--the wonderful agency we used for Luke's adoption)'s list.

Maria, 8 years old, with the big smile, and Ricky, 7 years old, with that adorably mischievous smirk.  :)

Maria was born in August 2003.  She will be turning nine soon, and as you can see, she is about the size of her friend Ricky, or "Di Di," who is seven.  Maria's special needs (for love!) are described as "left cross foot, post-operative resection of benign lumbo-sacral tumor."

Maria needs a family.  In some pictures, Maria's lovely smile has disappeared!

Maria needs a family to put that sunny smile back on her face.  Here's a little bit about her from a mom, Ms. Jan, who adopted from her orphanage:

"'Maria' is 8 years old and has lived in the orphanage with Leiney Grace since she was 2 years old. She had a benign tumor in her lumbosacral area and deformed feet upon admission. She was given surgery in 2006 to remove the sacral meningocele and repair her tethered cord - based on this information- I am assuming she has spina bifida although her file does not state that. According to her growth report in her file and according to our Leiney Grace, "Maria" is a smart little girl and is developmentally on target except for gross motor due to her feet. Her deformed feet have never been treated. From what I have read in her file and asked Leiney Grace, I believe she is continent, but I am asking Xiaoqing (the BAAS coordinator) to check on this.

'She is expressive and a sensible, strong, and brave child. She has difficulty walking in shoes because of deformed feet so sometimes she only wears socks. Especially in winter, she has chillblain (blisters?) on feet which may break, but she still insists on walking alone. All caretakers are moved by this.' Leiney Grace says that she and Mei Mei went to school and that Mei Mei reads every day. She also says that Mei Mei played the violin with her. The two of them slept together and apparently were very close yet when Leiney Grace left the orphanage to come meet her mama, Mei Mei did not cry and told her to 'Go to Mama and Baba.' Oh, how I want this child to know the love of a family and most importantly the love of Jesus and the hope He brings."

And Ricky.  Adorable Ricky.

Ricky was born in March, 2005.  Ricky's special need (for love!) is "polydactyly of hands and feet and cleft lip and palate."

Ricky has an adorable, mischievous look about him--I have a feeling there's a whole lot of personality behind that face!  :)

Here's what Ms. Jan wrote about Ricky:

"'Ricky'just turned 7 in March. He has been in the orphanage since he was a newborn. He is post-operative for polydactyly of hands and feet (extra fingers, toes) and is listed as having cleft lip, palate, deformity of tongue, and cleft vermilion tubercle. I do not see a cleft lip in his photos.

 He does have a deformity of his tonuge and mouth. He can speak but Leiney Grace says his tongue is a circle - not so sure about that. He will likely need surgery and speech therapy though. He is described as "a very diligent child, takes an initiative to clean the room, clever and gentle."

Both of these children desperately need a home!  I have more pictures of both children.  If you would like to see them and would like more information, you can either email me at: or Ms. Jan at

Not everyone can adopt, and I understand that.  Please, please keep these children in your prayers.


Rachel said...

I will defintly be praying for them!

--Rachel S

Susannah said...

What a faithful and wonderful girl you are! So special. This was filling my heart with so much love for these two little cuties. Thank you, Joy.


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Thanks for letting me "borrow" your post! You said it so perfectly!

I am praying God moves quickly for these two precious ones!

I love you! 10!


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