Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy (Almost) New Year!

Hi everyone!  I'm sorry I missed Faithful Fridays yesterday...time really just slipped away!  But, I will be posting my Faithful Fridays post sometime this week hopefully.

So, it's almost 2012!  Rachel over at Rachel's Blog gave me the idea of listing the "important" things I had done in 2011 and the things I hope to do in 2012. 

So, in 2011 I/we:
  • Volunteered at our local nursing home's Christmas party--so fun!
  • Got back on the Faithful Fridays horse.  :)
  • Spent Labor Day with friends from China (Mr. Chuck and Ms. Kim).
  • Began reading my Bible and doing devotions more often/everyday.
  • Got on Pinterest.
  • Stopped drinking so much carbinated drinks (that's something I feel proud of).
  • Learned to knit (partially, anyway).
  • Got an iPad.
  • Started listening to mainly/only Christian music.
  • Started on a book that I have a passion for.
  • Started the Anne of Green Gables book series.
And in 2012 I want to:
  • Witness more.
  • Go on a mission trip to China.
  • Read my Bible and/or read a devotional every day.
  • Write in my journal every day or every other day, even if it's only a few lines
  • Continue volunteering at our local nursing home.
  • Pray more.
  • Keep working on my book.
  • Finish the Green Gables series.
  • Be nicer to people that I don't particularly "like".
  • Be nicer to people period (Take up Operation NiCE--click HERE).
  • Continue to blog 2-4 times a week.
  • Spend more time with my family, especially Luke.
  • Keep my advocacy website up and running.
So what about you?  What are some things you have done/hope to do?

Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!  God bless you!


Rachel said...

I have a Journal I write in everday now and its fun to read back on what I did.

those are cool goals! I hope you get to do everyone of them!


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