Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A-Z About Me

Hi everyone!  I found this tag thingie on Ms. Gina's blog and thought it looked fun.  :)  My mama is also doing this--you can visit her blog HERE.  So here I go...A-Z about me!

A - Age: I am twelve years old.  I'll turn thirteen this February (hey Mama--after that, I'll be fourteen, then fifteen, then sixteen!  :P  Believe me, right now she's shaking her head and grinning and telling me not to rush it.  And don't worry, I'm not!).

B - Bed: A twin size bed that a certain wiggly 3 year old little boy shares with me.  He tells Mama that he'll keep me warm and Daddy will keep her warm.  :D

C - Chore I hate: Cleaning windows/doors, cleaning the litterbox, folding clothes, need I go on?  :D

D - Dogs: Nope.  We had a dog, Cassie, when I was a baby, but we had to put her to sleep.  Later, when I was about six, we got a (Jack Russell Terrier) puppy.  And that lasted for a few weeks before we had to give him away.  He lives in our town now, right down the street from one of my friends.

E - Essential to start my day: Hmmm...well, normally (at least on a week day), Mama, Daddy, Luke and I get up and Daddy gets ready for work.  Mama gets our breakfast ready--during the week, we have cereal bars, poptarts, toast, or cereal.  We pray with Daddy and he leaves for work (he takes a cereal bar with him on the road).  Mama, Luke, and I eat our breakfast, then Luke plays or watches TV while Mama and I get started on school.  We start off with our read-alouds.  We read for about and hour and a half.  It's my favorite part of school!

F - Favorite color: Blue!  It's changed so much.  When I was really, really little, I liked yellow.  And then for a very long time, I liked pink.  Now I like blue, lime green, and pink.

G - Gold or silver: Hmmm...I like silver jewelry better--or at least the way it looks.  If it's white gold, I like that too.

H - Height: I'm over 5' now!  Woohoo!  :D

I - Instrument I play: I play a little bit of guitar and a little bit of piano.  I hope to expand on either one or both.

J - Job title: Hmmm...Christian (because that's my biggest job), babysitter, big sister, daughter, granddaughter, orphan and adoption advocate, writer, and assistant to Mama.  How's that?  :D

K - Kids: I'm twelve.  But, when I do have kids, I want to adopt from China, and I want at least six kids.  Preferably up to twelve.  Before I get married, I want to work in an orphanage in C*ina, and I'll love the orphanage kids like my own.  :D

L - Live: In the SOUTH--oh yes, I'm a hillbilly, southern belle, hick, southern girl, whatever you want to call it.  :D

M - Make of car: I don't have a car, but the family car is a black Mazda 3.

N - Nicknames: Sweetpea (by my pop), Princess (by Daddy), Jiejie (by Luke).

O - Overnight hospital stay: None so far, thank Jesus!  I hope and pray not to have any in the future!

P - Pet peeve: Over-animation, immaturity, teenage-y (disrespectful and such) acting kids/teens...I can't think of any more right now!

Q - Quote from a movie: "If you accept defeat, that's exactly what you'll get." -Facing the Giants

R - Right- or left-handed: Right-handed in almost everything, but especially in writing.

S - Siblings: An older brother, Colt (22), and a younger brother, Luke (3).  And just as I typed that, Luke (who is lying at my feet because he's sleepy) told me that 1. I'm his favorite person and 2. I'm his best friend.  :D

T - TV shows: We don't have cable/satellite (thank Jesus!), so I don't watch any TV except for Netflix and DVDs/tapes.

U - Underwear: What kind of question is that??

V - Veggie I hate: Mushrooms!

W - What makes me late: Hmmm...I get distracted and side-tracked.

X - X-rays: Not many in my life.

Y - Yummy food: Chicken nuggets!

Z - Zoo animal: I like the monkeys--they're entertaining!  I also like the pandas.

What scares me: Losing my family or anyone else I love, an ungodly and anti-Christian America, fire, big spiders, pain, and communism.

5 things you don't know about me:

1. I've never tasted coffee.

2. I don't like pizza.

3. I think L*dy G*ga is absolutely NUTS.

4. I've seen the latest movie by Sherwood Baptist Church, Couragous, THREE times!  And it ROCKS!

5. Early on in Mama's pregnancy, my parents were told I would have Down's Syndrome.  My parents prayed and felt peace about it and didn't worry--they trusted God.


Have a blessed day!

God bless you!
Joy :D


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I love your A to Z answers! They really do sum you up well! I love everything about you......from A to infinity and the moon and back again.....forever and ever.. AMEN.



Penny said...

Hi Joy.... Just came from your mom's blog over to see your list of A to Z About Me... Love it!!

So cute what little Luke had to say to you while working on your list.... must make you feel great! You are indeed a wonderful big sister with a heart of gold. Your answers to many things on the list indicate that.... along with some of the posts that your mom has made about your delightful family.

Have a most happy day!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh yeah, Joy, young lady, um, no more talking about this 14, 15, 16 years old stuff! You know you can be grounded right? hee hee! :) You need to not rush it! :)

Love you! 10!


Anonymous said...

Dear Joy ,

I love the part that Lady Gaga is NUTS.And your right she is.We don't have TV ,but when I see like a new song and she on it shes dressed really weird.

Sometimes I wonder when and if I have a blog, will I ever be as good as you.
My brother X asks ever time I'm on who is that to your picture.

When I don't think that I have a that loves Jesus like I do I just have to think of you.You are the best friend ever.

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