Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Week's Waiting Kids!

So today, I want to focus on two kids, both from BAAS.

This is adorable Johnathan, from BAAS, who has cleft lip and palate.

He is from Luke's orphanage and is being cared for by Half the Sky. Look at that smile!! He was born in October '09. His special needs are cleft lip and palate; hernia. Here's what's written about him:

He can sit on his own, stand holding onto something and take steps holding hands with someone. He is bright, curious and good-natured. He loves to smile and communicate with others. He understands instructions and loves to listen to music.

On his original file, he could do things like locate a sound or voice and visually follow moving toys,

and was described as active, restless, quick-reacting, impatient sometimes, and closest to his caretaker. He also was described as having a ready smile.

This is precious Kai, who is six. Here's what's written about him.

Kai was born in April of '04. He was admitted to the SWI in April of 2010. He is fond of communicating with others. Under excellent care and nursing of the staff and live together for several days, he adapts to the environment in a short time. While being familiar with the caregivers and children, he is outgoing, has strong ability of imitating, likes playing games with the other children, often sweeps the floor with a small besom, helping the caregivers to tidy the toys and baby walkers.

He is very helpful, restless and active, intelligent and fond of study, knows the number of 1-10, can count from 1 to 100, knows the addition within 10, can write his own name down. He is fond of communicating with caregivers, often runs and jumps with his fellow friends, and has enthusiasm for learning. He accepts to new things fast, can help his fellow friends, quick in reaction, lively and outgoing personality. He has strong self-care ability and is able to dress, sweep the floor, mop the floor, do the dishes, fold up his quilt all by himself. He is fond of meat and candy.

So, if you haven't figured it out already, Kai was given to his orphanage somewhere around his sixth birthday. Very sad. :( It seems as if he's adapted very well, though. Don't you think he'd be a wonderful, easy going, sweet, smart little boy?

Keep these kids in your prayers, please! I've got a few blog posts coming up! I just have to proof and schedule them!

Joy :)


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