Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Week's Waiting Kids!

Hi everyone! Starting off this week, there's a little girl with beta Thalassemia, whom I will be referring to as "Min". Here's what's written about adorable little Min.

She's thought about by the people on the Thalassemia group, but hasn't been mentioned elsewhere. I looked at her file the end of October 2009, but had to decline. We found our daughter 2 weeks later, but I still think about this little girl's adorable smile. The Thalasemia group is a wonderful resource and they find Thal a manageable special need. She disappeared off the shared list for a while but has been back since May.

One of the Thal moms knows her foster family (her son was with them, but they were not there at the same time.) Her agency sent her Min's file so that she could advocate for her. She is listed on the shared list as not walking but if you read the file she was walking - just as an older toddler. β-thalassemia, slow motor development (can’t walk), slow physical development (height couldn’t reach the standard)

This is precious Ellie, from Madison. She is ten. (I could not get a pic of Ellie to paste here) Some things written about her:

Ellie has "poor eyesight and slightly introversive of right foot". After admission, Ellie can say “hello, brother, hello aunty”, etc. point out differentbody parts: eyes, ear, mouth etc. say the sentences that make up by 3-5 words, but notclear enough, for example “Sister, time to eat”,etc. At the age of 4 years, she’s able toread children’s songs, answer simple questions, talk with teachers and classmatesactively to express her mind or requirements. In terms of receptivity, she’s able toclassify things with different functions, count fingers and say the number from one toten, or tell out the sum total. On Aug.1 2005, she was fostered by a family and could getused to the new environment, get along with family members. At present, she isstudying in grade two of the elementary school near to her home, she’s poor tounderstand the knowledge that teachers taught. But she’s polite to others, respects theelder people and everyone likes her. Ellie is an active and outgoing girl. She’s able to walk with holding her one handat the age of 1year and two months, walk alone with normal gait at the age of 1.5years, but tilt to the right. At the age of 3 years, she’s able to put on or take off clothes, shoesetc. do some work within her ability, such as: clear away the toys that she played. At theage of 4 years, she’s able to run, tilt to the right obviously, fond of playing on the slidingboard, had flexible and quick actions, able to feed herself food, wash her face, brushher teeth, put on and take off clothes, shoes, socks, go to washroom. Presently she cando some housework, like: sweeping the floor, wipe the table, clear away her personal stuffs and clean her dormitory, and wash clothes. She can fold the quilt neatly after getting up every morning.

This is cutie Jimmy, from FTIA's JOH program. He was just recently added to the list because at the time of the program, his paperwork wasn't finished being processed. Here's what's written about him:

Jimmy is 9 years old and has a mild developmental delay. He was brought to the orphanage at age 8 and now lives in foster care. He is in special education class but is close to other children his age. He can read simple Chinese characters. He likes riding bikes and any games that involve a ball. He is quiet, gets along well with others, and is introverted mostly when around strangers; otherwise he is a friendly and active young boy. He can take care of himself and will help the other children. You can see him performing in this video, along with Flower and Marc.

This is precious John, from BAAS. John is about 18 months old.

His special needs are cleft palate and repaired cleft lip; HBV carrier.

John is a lovely boy with good appetite and ready smile.

And those who need to be sponsored:




and Melanie!

Check out my advocacy website, Waiting on Their Family. If you want more info on sponsoring or any of the children who need to be adopted, leave a comment with your email address. After reading, I will not publish the comment for your privacy. :) As always, please keep these children in your prayers, and also keep my bloggy friend Emma in your prayers as she, her dad, and several people on their mission team head to Uganda! You can read about Emma's trip here.

Joy :)


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