Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Week's Waiting Kids!

I have a few more kids who need families! Those who I don't have names on will be given temporary names. :)

First is precious Hollie, listed on LWB's blog and on the Shared List. How can this girl be waiting still??? HOW?? She's such a doll, and her SN doesn't seem to be bothering her! Look at that darling smile! Seventeen-month-old Hollie has plenty of personality and is very social and outgoing. In fact, she loves to be out and about in crowded places in her stroller and talks and responds with giggles and glee when adults play with her. Hollie is part of the Sanmenxia Foster Care Program in Henan, and the LWB staff love reading about how she has bonded so well with her foster family, especially her foster grandmother. Every night when Hollie goes to bed, she wants to hear her grandmother’s voice to fall asleep. If the grandmother isn’t around, she will cry for her.

Hollie has a number of medical issues; however, these have so far not impeded her physical development in any way, and her caregivers are pleased by how she has continued to progress. She zips around in her walker and eats well; her favorite foods are watermelon and pears.
According to our reports and confirmed by photos we have received, Hollie is entranced with stuffed animals and always chooses the largest one she can find!

She would certainly be a delight to any family. Please spread the word about this precious baby girl! If you are interested in Hollie, ask your agency to look for her file.

And on to cutie Yang from the BAAS individual list.

Yang was born on 7-13-2007. His special need is post operative cleft lip/palate. He also is HB positive. Yang is a bright and active boy who loves out door activities and animals. If you are interested in Yang, then leave a comment with your email.

And Jake, from the Shared list.

Born Jan 2003. SN is Post treated equinovarus(club foot). He is called "lady killer". Lol! If you are interested in Jake, ask your agency to look for his file!

And on to Bart, from the BAAS list.

Bart was born on 1-18-2005. His special needs are lower development indexes, meaning he is relatively small; his head is slightly oblate. He is a friendly, bright and curious boy who learns fast. He has an outgoing personaliy and is very active. If you are interested in Bart, leave a comment with your email.

And Kimi, on the Shared list.

Born on June 7th, special needs is clubbed foot, language delay, and Subcutaneous fat pad on lower back. What a cutie! If you are interested in Kimi, ask your agency to look for her file!

And Ting, also on the Shared List. I'm not sure how old she is.

She was born on Febuary 1st, her special need is Epilepsy. There's nothing listed about her personality but she looks like a bright and sunny girl to me. :) If you are interested in Ting, ask your agency to look for her file.

And Ella, again from the Shared List.

Born in May 2001, her special need is multiple Nevi. Lots of them already have been removed. If you are interested in Ella, ask your agency to look for her file.

And Rochelle, from the LWB blog and also on the Shared List.

Rochelle is a lovely four-year-old child with an artistic streak that she uses to express her sunny personality. Though she cannot stand or walk, she has very creative hands that can do wonders. Rochelle loves to draw colorful pictures of flowers and the sun! Her painting is full of creativity and features quite unusual shapes. Not wanting to limit herself to one art form, Rochelle is surprisingly good at paper-cutting (for a four-year old!) and can cut shapes such as flower baskets, planes and birds.

Rochelle’s artwork is a reflection of her sweet and loving personality. The nannies tell us that whenever a nanny is tired, Rochelle crawls to her side and gently pats the nanny on the back. So sweet!

Currently, Rochelle lives at the LiShui orphanage in Zhejiang where LWB has an Orphanage Assistance program but she would love a family of her own! I'm not sure what her special need is, but I do know that she can't walk. She is on the Shared List, so if you are interested in Rochelle, ask your agency to look for her file.

And John Wayne, with Eagle's Wings.

He is 2 years old (April 2008). He was born with spina bifida and a club foot. The SB was repaired at about 6 months (I don't have those details). While I was his momma I had his club foot serial casted by China Care in Beijing. Awesome people. He was in Beijing for almost 6 months and while there fostered by a Canadian teacher and her daughter. Talk about great treatment! His foot healed nicely and he started to walk. Since being back at our foster home in his homecity he has had some ups and downs with his foot. But he is still active and walking, nothing seems to keep him down. He is in a brace at night, and will be until he is about 5 yrs. He needs a family who can get him home fast and get great care for his foot. He is a terrific kid, I love him to bits. (From Donna, the director of Eagles Wings) If you are interested in John, then leave a comment with your email and I'll contact you.

And Mandy, from BAAS.

Mandy was born on 6-20-2006. She has complicated congenital heart disease: closedown of PA, VSD, the shunt from right to left in the ventricle level. The branch stem circulation formed. Mandy is friendly, extroverted, and talkative. She likes to communicate with other kids, and likes to sing, dace, and imitate, and she likes the Wawajia activity. She is good at string bead, and is interested in drawing, and writing. If you are interested in Mandy, leave a comment with your email.

That's all! Please pray very hard and ask God if you might be one of these children's mom or dad. I would so love for them to get a family! Also, check out my Waiting Children website, !

Joy :)


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


They are all so precious. Praying God leads their forever families to them soon! That little Yang is adorable....and Bart...he has s special place in my heart! And what a charmer that Jake is! I can see him entertaining his forever family alot!

Love you! 10!

Hope you feel better soon too! Sorry you're sick!


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