Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Week's Waiting Kids

Hi again! I've been meaning to post this earlier...but I got sick last night with an awful stomach bug. :( So, I was looking through some adoption sites and these kids just really tugged at me. If you're interested in any of these children, leave a comment with your email address so I can get some info to you on how to inquire about them!

First there is Annabelle, who is nine. She is being advocated for by LWB.

Bright and brave Annabelle turned nine years old in September 2010 and is waiting for a forever family.

When we first met Annabelle in the Wuchuan orphanage in Guangdong, we learned that she had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and was unable to stand or walk. She could only move herself with her hands, and she often sat in the corner sadly while the other children played.
However, the orphanage staff told us how very intelligent she was and praised her great leadership skills, as all of the kids were willing to listen to her. LWB suggested that a wheelchair would allow Annabelle more independence, and so through our orphanage assistance program we were able to purchase a pediatric wheelchair, allowing Annabelle to get around more easily in the orphanage. We also knew that this bright little girl should have the opportunity to attend school, and she now attends the orphanage school every day. Since beginning school, Annabelle’s whole outlook has changed. While at first she was shy with foreigners, now she smiles a lot. Her caregivers say how brave she is and that she is careful with other children. They are very optimistic about her future.
Due to Annabelle’s medical needs, she is waiting to be matched with a family through the Waiting Children Program. Annabelle would benefit so much from the opportunities afforded to her by a family of her own. She so deserves a bright future that the care of a loving family could provide. Please help us find a forever home for Annabelle!

Next is sweet Sean. Sean has been waiting for so long. He is a bright eleven year old.

He has been in a foster family for 4 years but desperately wants a forever family - maybe with an older brother and sister. He’s in 4th grade and his favorite subject is computer. He enjoys reading about science and technology and his favorite sport is soccer. Sean’s personality fills a room! He is great with the younger kids and was nicknamed the “Little Director” because he was keeping them all in line for their program. Sean was disappointed last year when he participated in another Journey of Hope program but did not find a family. He wants to live in America because everyone has a house! Sean was born with cleft lip and palate and has had surgery for both. He may need some reconstruction and some dental work; however his speech is excellent and he liked practicing his English on us! Click here to see a video of our interview with Sean.

And next is Oliver, or Ollie.

Oliver is being fostered by a family in the countryside, but they are also fostering a little girl. They are having some trouble fostering Ollie, as he is very active. This hurts Ollie alot. Oliver was given to the orphanage when he was four years old. He needs another foster family, and even more than that, he needs a forever family. Please be praying for Oliver.

And Zach.

Zach may have Dwarfisim, they aren't sure. He was one of the little ones that used to live on the 4th floor when a group who loved Jesus was working there... they had to pull out of the orphanage & now the level of care has declined to the point where Zach is malnourished, covered in scabbies & suffering a tummy bug that wont go because there isnt enough carers to feed the kids one at a time & they keep passing the bugs around by feeding 2 or 3 kids from the same bowl of food:( He's really struggling and he needs a foster family, but he, like Oliver, mostly needs a forever family. It was heard that he had been matched, but we can't find his family. We're hopeful!

And Teddy, from LWB.

You may not guess it when looking at his photos, but our little Teddy from Jinjiang loves to pretend to be an animal. Watch out…you might find him growling at you like a bear, or getting ready to pounce like a lion, or maybe slithering around like a snake!

As a student in LWB’s Believe in Me Jinjiang school, Teddy works hard and is improving all the time. The best thing about school for him is that he looks forward to it. He enjoys going to school and above all enjoys seeing the other children and getting time to play with toys. Teddy likes nothing more than to happily run, jump, and play outdoors….often while he’s pretending to be an animal of one kind or another!
When playtime is over, however, he has no trouble focusing on tasks, as you can see here. He is certainly working intently with these marbles.

We are all so proud of Teddy as he opens up more and more every day. It is such a joy to watch him grow and change before our eyes. He is just waiting to be chosen by a family of his own. Can you imagine the happy roar this Teddy bear will make when that day finally comes?

And then there's Willy, who is four.

Willy is an adorable four-year-old boy in LWB’s Shunyi Foster Care Program in Beijing. At this time, he is waiting for his family to find him through CCAA’s shared list.
Willy is a boy who LOVES preschool and is in his element there with all of his little friends. Besides excelling at learning characters and counting, he also is a typical boy who loves to jump on the trampoline and play games of soldiers and tag with his foster brothers. When he isn’t in the classroom, playing on the playground and digging in the dirt are some of his favorite things to do. Willy is all boy and will eat anything that isn’t nailed down these days!

He is a delightful child and shares his smiles with everyone. He is very outgoing and social. He is described as being very polite. He has recently learned all his ABC’s in English and like a typical kid turns L, M, N, O, P, into “eliminop”!!!

Although it is not visible in these photos, Willy has a number of medical issues. Some parts of Willy’s skin are very dry or scaly as the result of a genetic condition, Ichthyoses, which means that his skin does not shed like yours and mine. Additionally, he had surgery in 2006 to repair bilateral hernias. Neither of these conditions seem to get in the way of Willy living up to reputation as “All Boy”!

Next is 09_220, from Holt's Journey of Hope program. He is thirteen, and will turn fourteen in January! He will age out then and no longer be available for adoption :(

This sweet little boy came into care in June 2001. He has been surgically treated for cleft lip and palate and also has been diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. He had surgery in November 2007 to help improve his mobility. He is able to stand, sit and walk short distances without help. He usually requires assistance with stairs. He has some vision problems and his left eye is crossed. He sits in the front of the class so that he can see the blackboard. He is described as an extroverted and clever boy who helps out with the other children. When asked, he stated that he would like to be a pilot when he grows up because he could fly in the sky. His favorite animal is the snail and he also likes the colors yellow, orange and red. He is in need of a family who has experience parenting past his age and is able to provide him with any medical care or therapies that he may need.

And 10_114, also from Holt's JOH program. He is six years old.

This special boy was found when he was only a few days old. He was found to have albinism which does affect his eyesight. He enjoys riding a toy horse and follows directions well. He also is reported to get along well with other children. He expresses himself through simple sentences, and he knows his name and the names of his caregivers. As of July 2010 he is attending kindergarten at the institution and can name three good friends there. He is stated to be able to use the toilet and feed himself on his own. He is a quick learner, can build block towers, and can make some eye contact. He is soft spoken and enjoys music. This curious young boy needs a family with experience in older child adoption and who has access to the specialized medical resources that he may need.

And this is 10_144, from Holt, who is in S. Korea, not China(East Asia). He is about to turn two years old.

This precious little boy was born full term and weighed 8.14lbs. He currently is living with a foster family who describe him as a sweet boy. His birth mother reportedly smoked two to three cigarettes a day until her fifth month of pregnancy. At birth he was found to have a preauricular skin pit and a small sacral dimple. In January he began to have delayed development and a follow up MRI found that he has a thinning of his corpus callosum and ventriculomegaly. His September 2010 well baby check assessed him to be at a 9 month developmental level. He reportedly is able to roll over, crawl and sit on his own. He is also able to grasp objects and transfer them between his hands and is imitating speech sounds. He is in need of a family who are comfortable with his unknowns and who are able to provide him with any medical care or therapies that he may need.

And this is a sibling group of two, 10_148, who were just born this year. They are also from Korea.

These adorable twin brother and sister were born premature at 35 weeks and 6 days. They were both hospitalized following their birth and cared for by their birth mother prior to coming into care when they were discharged from the hospital. The female twin weighed 5.43 lbs at birth and was hospitalized until 4/9/10. She was treated for jaundice, transient tachypnea of newborn, neonatal polycythmia and perinatal distress while she was hospitalized. She was found to have a bilaterial germinal matrix hemorrhage and periventricular leukomalacia. Follow up tests have shown improvement. She has also been diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality. Her September well baby check assessed her to be at a 6 month developmental level and weighed 17.6 lbs. She is able to roll over, crawl and sit. She grasps objects and transfers them between her hands, says single syllables and responds to her name. She prefers her foster mother and is shy with strangers. Her brother remained in the hospital until 5/18/10. He was treated for birth asyphxia, jaundice, epilepsy and cholestasis. He was also found to have a patent foramen ovale (PFO) of his heart that has not required any treatment as of yet. He was found to have an intraventricular germinal matrix hemorrhage and was placed on medication for seizures. A neurological report from August 2010 reports that he has severe hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. In September 2010 his seizure medication was discontinued after an extended period of no seizure like activity. He had a feeding tube which was removed in August, and reportedly has some problems feeding from a bottle. He is described as spastic and receives physical therapy for his muscle tone and also possible torticollis. He has also been diagnosed with crossed eyes and sunset eyeball movement. His September well baby check assessed him to be at a 3 month developmental level and to weigh 11 lbs. He is able to lift his head, bear moderate weight on his legs, regards his hands, sucks his hands, smiles and coos. He does have head lag when pulled to a sitting position and reaches out for objects. These special babies are in need of a family who are open to some unknowns, are comfortable with their medical needs and who are able to provide them with any ongoing medical care and therapies that they will need. Experience parenting past their age is preferred.

This is another boy who is about to age out!! He is listed on Holt as an "Urgent Referral"! He is 13, his name is 10_151.

This young man is in need of a special family before he is no longer eligible for intercountry adoption. He has been in care since February 2002 and is currently living in an institution and attending school. He has formerly lived with a foster family. He is described as an honest, brave, well behaved and outgoing young man, though he can be shy in new environments. He has a previous history of being Hepatitis B positive. He enjoys drawing, reading and playing ping pong. His teachers report that he is an average student with a strong desire for knowledge. He likes his caregivers, teachers and friends and is said to be respectful and caring of the people around him. He expresses himself clearly and consistently, is said to know right from wrong and is a problem solver. His favorite toys are remote control planes and cars. He is in need of a family who has experience parenting past his age, can provide him with any medical care he may need, and who has a dossier in country so that he can be adopted before he turns 14. Previous older child adoption experience in preferred.

This is Thomas. He is two years old and a very sweet little boy. Taylor, who wrote the below, has worked with him in Starfish Foster Home, and she fell for him big time!

Thomas was born with TOF one surgery is complete and he may need another one in the future he also has an exposed bladder which I do not know if it has been repaired or not since I have left. He is so sweet and really needs a mom and dad to love on him.

This is Jack.

Jack was born in November 2007 and will soon be 3 he really wants a mom and dad and he is also one of the many children I met this summer in China.We learned threw a translator that he wants a Gu Gu(big brother) and a Mama and Baba(daddy) he is a Special Focus Child on an agency specific list and also has a grant. There is also another generous mother who is raising funds to help cover the rest of his aditional adoption expenses!

These are a few children with Shepherd's Field(Philip Hayden Foundation) who need sponsers. You may regonize Lexi whom I have advocated for on my blog!! She finally got her family-I'm so happy for her!

Lexi, who is four.










That's it! If you want to sponser one of the above children, then contact and ask!



Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

They are all so precious! I keep hoping to see that Sean has been removed from the list because he has a family! He seems like such a sweet guy and I think he has so much to give to a family! They all deserve a family of their own!

I love you! Thank you for caring about these kids!


Anonymous said...

I will be praying for those kids to adopted soon!

MJ said...

Hi! I was just wondering if you know if the twins from korea have found a family? They are tugging on my heart so badly. I hope they find a family!!!!

Also, my name is Melly, I'm 23. I sponsor 2 boys and a girl in China. I love your blog!

Growing According to God's Plan, Melissa said...

I was looking for photos of our son, Teddy and saw your blog. :-) I just wanted to let you know we hope to have Teddy home with our family in July. He will join his younger brother Sam who is 4 mos. younger than him. Thank you so much for advocate for these beautiful children. We hope to pass on the joy to other families when we get Teddy home. God bless you!

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