Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My report on Karen Kain

In my History, I'm learning about Canada. I was assigned to make a report about a famous person from Canada, so I chose Karen Kain, a Ballerina.

Karen Alexandra Kain was born on March 28th, 1951, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She was the child of Charles Alexander(an electrician), and Winifred Mary(A Real Estate Agent). She attended the National Ballet School of Toronto, Canada, when she was 11, in 1962, and graduated in 1969. After graduating, she went on to be the principal dancer of the National Ballet School of Canada, and soon after became the most well-known dancer in Canada! She married Ross Peterson.

In 1973, she got two silvers in the Second National Competition, one in the women's division, and another for best pas de Deux(A ballet performance danced by a male and female dancer) with Frank Augustyn. She retired from dancing for a little while in the late 1970's. In 1980, she came back and kept on dancing at the National Ballet of Canada, then retired 15 years later in 1997. During her time, she toured Korea and Japan, and in all danced in 56 performances, and was on TV numerous times.

She is now the President of the Dancer's Transition Centre. She is a great dancer, and was very talented and loved. She has honorary degrees from 5 universities, and in May of 1998, the French Goverment named her the Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters. Miss Karen Kain returned to the National Ballet of Canada, and is part of the Seniors Management Team.

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Nice choice on the report, Joy! I enjoyed it!

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