Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Will He Think?

Mom gave me the creative writing assignment of writing(In story form or list form) what thoughts I think will be going through Luke's head from the time he meets us, to the time he comes home. So here I go! Oh yeah, "Dang" is pronounced "Dong". Lol.

"Come on Dang-Dang!" I furrowed my eyebrows as this strange woman from this strange place took my hand gently, though I felt like pulling away roughly, and led me into another huge room. There, I saw many white-faced, light-haired, happy-as-a-clown people, with many other people that kept calling them mom and some weird word, "dad". The girl that had my hand led me to a couple with a shorter person with brown hair and brown eyes. She grinned at me and called me "Luke". The taller couple, the man with black hair and green eyes, and the woman with red hair and brown eyes, crouched down and hugged me tightly. "Dang Dang Luke!" I looked around franticly. Who are these people? Why are they touching me? EW they smell gross! What is that strong smell? Why do they look so different compared to all my adults? Where is my mama? Where is my Baba? HELP ME! I began to cry. I didn't know what else to do, and crying is a sure fire method to getting your way. But to my suprise, the woman pulled me up into her arms with a grunt, and pressed her hand against the back of my head, and started rocking me. I screeched loudly. LET ME OUT!! I WANNA GO HOME!!

The woman who brought me to these people was slowly drifting away. I reached out for her, but she shook her head and pointed to the couple. "Mama, Baba. Mama, Baba." She pointed to the little girl. "Jie Jie. Jie Jie." I furrowed my eyebrows and screamed louder, hot tears rolling down my cheeks. These weren't my Mama, Baba, and Jie Jie. They were complete strangers. Was I dreaming? I looked around, still letting out little gasping sobs. The same thing was happening with children I regonized from being cooped up in another room before coming here. Some were swatting their hands about, in panic, and some were crying into their couple's shoulders.

I screamed again. The woman set me down. Then the little girl came over and crouched beside me, and handed me a truck. I let out a little gasp and tried to swallow the lump in my throat, but my eyes were still watery. I examined it carefully, rubbing my finger over the plastic. It made a honking noise. I pressed my finger over the place again. The little girl smiled. "Truck." I tilted my head, and smiled a little. Then I remembered the situation, and let my arm hang beside me, the truck still in my hand. I sobbed louder. The little girl patted my back. "It's okay Dang Dang. It's okay. We love you." I furrowed my eyebrows. The girl looked at the woman, and pronounced the words slowly, her voice shaking as if she was having trouble saying it. Her tone sounded weird. "Woaini, Dang Dang" She loves me? How does she know my name? I don't even know her? Who is she? Who are all these people? I blinked.

The tall man picked me up and hugged me, and then set me down again, and took my hand. The woman took my other hand, and they led me, with the little girl following behind, out to a car. I clapped my hands. "Che, Che!" The girl grinned brightly. "Che. Car. Che. Car. Che is a car." I furrowed my eyebrows, ran to the car, and banged on the door with my palms. "Che! CHE!" The girl laughed and opened the door, hoisted me up into a car seat with a grunt, and fasted me in. She opened a bag of goldfish crackers and handed them to me. "Chi`fan." I nodded, and obeying, devoured the bag. She laughed. "Look at 'em go momma!" The woman laughed. She touched my hair. "He's got pretty hair." I leaned away from her hands. Who are these people and why are they touching me and feeding me and giving me toys? This is so confusing! I thought about crying, but decided to finish my snack first. The girl handed me a juice, and I sipped it up. She smiled.

"Dang Dang." I turned to look at her. "Dang Dang Luke" I tilted my head. I was familiar with Dang Dang, but what was this Luke thing? I furrowed my eyebrows again and she locked her right eye with mine. "Me jiao Dang Dang, me jiao Luke" I squinted. My name was Dang Dang, not Luke. The car pulled into a hotel as I finished my crackers and juice. I fumbled with my straps, and let out a whine when I couldn't figure out how to get the thing off. The girl hurriedly un-did it and smiled at me. "Ni Hao, Dang Dang." She helped me out and led me into a clean, new smelling room, and jumped onto the bed and grinned. "You want to jump?" I furrowed my eyebrows and stuck out my lip. What was this stupid language they were speaking? She shrugged and pulled me onto the bed, and took both of my hands and started jumping. I giggled and jumped too. Soon I was laughing full out, when BAM! Something cold and wet hit my arm. I spun around, almost falling off, but the girl caught me. The man was holding a toy thing. I jumped down, and the girl handed one to me. I looked at it carefully. It was plastic, and green, and had a little trigger. I pulled it, and water squirted out. The girl called it a "Wa-ter-Gun" Or something like that. I looked at the man and the girl, squirting each other now. I squirted at the girl. She laughed and squirted me back. Then I squirted her again. We played for a long while.

Then, the woman leaned down beside a big suitcase, and drew out some pjs. I giggled. The girl went into the bathroom with some pjs, also. The woman began to take off my clothes. I screamed. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE TOUCHING ME AND UNDRESSING ME?? I WANNA GO HOME! My giggles faded, of course, and I frowned, then the frown turned to a glare. The woman dressed me in some soft pjs, and then tickled my belly. I frowned and pushed her hand away. "MAMA!! BABA!!!" She looked sad. I began to sob again, and the man picked me up and sat me on the bed. I hit the pillow over and over again, then laid down. I slowly started drifting off to sleep as the girl came out of the bathroom and pulled the covers over my shoulders......

RING RING! A telephone went ringing through the air. I sat up groggily. Then I remembered what had happened. I began to cry, then noticed that the little girl was beside me. She woke up and put her arm around me. "It's okay, Dang Dang Luke. We won't leave you. I know you miss your famliy, but we can be a good family too. I know it. You'll see. We love you so much!" I buried my face in the covers. She got up and tiptoed over to the suitcase and got out some shorts and a dinosaur shirt. She dressed me quickly, trying to keep me from screaming. Of course she failed, and tears fell all over the clothes. She tossed the pjs into the suitcase. "Dang Dang, you stay right here. I'm gonna go get dressed, okay?" She smiled and handed me a stuffed car and ran into the bathroom.

I got down on my hands and knees, still crying, and moved the car slowly. Then I picked up speed. "Zoom Zoom! Vroom!" I giggled, and wiped my eyes and nose. The little girl came out and picked up another car, and made a car crash. "Uh Oh!" We both laughed and then the man and woman came in.

A lot of days passed like these, sometimes us going to get food at mcdonalds, sometimes going to fancy reasturants. The woman gave me some baths, and the man taught me how to play with a ball that he called a "baseball". The girl played cars with me, and gave me piggy back rides.

Then one day, they picked up their bags and the girl took my hand. We got in the Che again, and the girl put her arm around me. I tilted my head questioningly. "We go bye bye?" Bye bye was a word the girl had taught me to say to others when we left them. But she always told me "Dang Dang Luke, you never have to say bye bye to me, Jie Jie Joy, or Mama or Baba." We pulled into a giant parking lot and they got me out. We went through a huge bunch of rooms the girl kept calling the "Airport" and then we boarded what she called a "airplane". We rode several of these flying things, and I always got the window seat, and the girl and I examined the clouds. "ZOOM ZOOM" I would cry. Then she'd laugh. Then after about a day and a half, we got off, got into a car with a boy that looked a lot like me, and he started talking to me as the man drove us away from there. The girl called him "Gu Gu Colt" and he called me "Luke" I shrugged and smiled at him. The boy kept talking to me, and hugging me, and telling me he loved me.

As we drove along, something changed. I got this thought. This is my family.

I know that was alot, but thanks for reading! :)


Debbie said...

I think you did a wonderful job Joy. I know Luke will have a big adjustment to make but I bet there won't be so much crying once he realizes how blessed he is to have a loving family! *hugs*'


Nancy M. said...

Wow! What a great writer you are Joy! I know he is going to love y'all lots!

Never So Simple said...


I loved this story. I hope you will follow up with what really happens on that big day. It's going to be so fun reading your blog as the big day gets closer. I am so excited for your family and Luke. I can't wait to see how him and the cat get along. :)


The Farmers Oldest Daughter said...

That was great. I know Luke will have a great home with you and will adjust in no time. Keep up the great writing.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


That was fun to read! I've thought of so many things that Luke "could" be thinking when we come for him. We are just going to hope and pray for the best but be prepared for everything I guess! I know he's going to love you first! :) And that's perfect fine with me!

I love you!

Princess said...

Wow Joy! That was a very cool story. I know he'll love you very much! Bye! <3

Anonymous said...

I think that is interesting. It gives you a peek into what he could be thinking.Are you really going to have a water gun? I love those things. I'll be thinking and praying for you!

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