Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SO many (crazy)cousins..

And SO many memories! I thought I'd try to remember MOST of my cousins on my mom's side of the family, and post their picture and some of our crazy memories! I love all my cousins, and I love seeing them at the family reunion every year. One time when I was at my Grandmama and Pop's house, we calculated up how many cousins I have and it's around 40-50!

Okay, so first and foremost,

My personal wrestling coach, and one of my bestest friends in the WORLD....He's my mom's brother's son, so in other words, my first cousin. He's one year older then me, and he's more like a brother to me than a cousin! Now for memories! (Here we go, Kemper! :D)

I remember the time when I was about 5 or 6, and he was 6 or 7. We were playing in his room, and he wouldn't let me use his toy. So I said I wasn't friends with him anymore, and he said(And I quote!) "Well fine then, you're not my cousin anymore." :) How cute is that?

And then the last time I went to his house in Alabama, He had this AWESOME idea..
He hooked a rope to his bike, and his little sister(Laci)'s bike. I got on the little bike(Sure, put me on the one that's most likely to be destroyed. LOL). He told me I didn't have to pedal, just steer and KEEP MY FEET OUT IN THE AIR. Yeah! So I did it, and then all the sudden, he got really fast, and I couldn't steer. I yelled for him to stop, but he thought I said slow down, so he slowed down. Meanwhile, I thought he was stopping, so I put my leg on the ground to help stop, and then he started going and the bike came out from under me, and I fell off onto the road! He came over and sat by me and looked at me like he didn't know what to do. I just bust out laughing. My leg was all cut up, but I didn't care.

I love having all these fun(DANGEROUS) times with Kemper!

Love ya, Kemper!



Pretty much my little sister! We have had matching clothes, matching hair styles, and matching dresses!

I remember her helping me get Kemper up in the morning. I'd yank the covers off his bed, and Laci would scream in his ear. Aaah, the good 'ole days. :)

Laci loves coming to my house, and she always plays with my dolls and keeps them in good shape. She brings them to me when they are "crying for me".
I love you Laci!



The first time I met Noah, was at a family Reunion. He came running in with a styrofoam cup in his hand, and he was screaming, "I FOUND A HUGE BUG!" Yep. That's Noah. I ran over and looked in. It WAS a huge bug! It was a gigantic beetle. LOL! Then he looked at me and he half yells, "Hey I'm your cousin Noah." I'm like, "You're not my cousin, I never met you." (That goes to show you how many cousins I have. I STILL don't know some of them!) He told me to go ask my mama, and I did, and she said Noah was my cousin!

Last family reunion, I was playing basketball with the boys, and Tanner stepped on my foot, then tripped over it,(stepping on it again), then dropped the ball on it, so I had to sit out. My toe was all red and swelling, and Noah stopped playing basketball with the others, and sat down with me for the rest of the time, which was about an hour. Of course he stole my phone and played with it, but still, he was good company.



Sydney is one of the greatest girl cousins you could ever ask for. We used to look alike when we were little, we used to be the same height too, but I grew a little. Lol. We both love Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas, We both prefer pants over skirts, we both like Demi Lovato, and we both LOVE Laci! She always asks about me when I don't come to a celebration, and she writes to me sometimes. I remember at my Uncle Richie's "Welcome home from Iraq" Party, Sydney, Me, Kemper, Kemper's friends Chance and Bradley, and my cousin Tanner were playing War(How ironic). It was so fun, and I love hanging with my cousins.



Tiffany and me have been through SO much, it's hard to remember. We do fight, but we always work it out, and if the boys, (*Cough* Tanner *Cough* Kemper) act up, we always set 'em straight. :)

Last time I saw her, she brought a baseball and a glove and just threw the ball back and forth while we talked.

We ALWAYS talk CONSTANTLY. Don't all girls?

(In the picture, Tiffany is the girl in purple, beside me, who looks REALLY squished. LOL!



She's only a few years younger then me, and even though we don't see each other much, we're great cousins! She's my fashion-talk buddy. :)

I love you Jessica!

(In the picture, Jessica is the girl in green beside Tiffany).

And that's all! I have tons more, but those are some of my closest.


I love ALL my cousins! :)

~ Joy ~


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I know you have lots of fun with your cousins and each one is special in their own way!

I love you!

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