Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ten Things and some News

Ten things I love about dance......

The passion: There is so much passion! Rather it be the remembrance of a loved one in a lyrical solo, or the sass of your best friend celebrating her birthday, dance just has so much passion!

The beautifulness: Dance is so pretty! I remember one year at this recital the audience had been very disruptive during all the dances. Well, this beautiful ballerina stepped on stage in pointe shoes, and BAM you could have heard a pindrop it was so quiet and intent! That is the magic of the dance slippers. :)

The peacefulness: When I'm dancing, all my worries melt away......I get happy....quiet, but happy.

The FUN: It's fun and totally awesome! I have been taking dance since I was three years old. This is my seventh year in dance. I could never live without it. I chose it over soccer, acting, modeling, and taekwondo. Yes, I did all these things at one time or another, and I gave them all up because they would interfere with dance. That's how much I love dance.

The creativity: With the right mind, you can make it so indivual and creative and imaginative! I love it! I love making what my teacher calls clumps, patterns, and etc.

The challenge: I like that it's your own challenge, and usually you can set your own goals because your teacher doesn't expect you to be picture perfect. And that's good.

The music: I love music! Me and mom sing in the car! We harmonize(well mom actually does the harmonizing), and we just sing, sing, and sing! One time we were singing QUIETLY for my grandmama, and an old lady called me to her table. She said that she heard singing and lifted up her head thinking who is that? And she saw me and mom! She said we were good and thanks for giving her a smile. It was cool! So, as you can imagine, I get every single song I hear at dance stuck in my head for a week, and mom starts singing it too! LOL :)

The atmosphere: I know this might sound weird, but when I'm in ballet tech, I feel like I'm in the Dega` days, when the teachers were strict, the songs had no words, just melodies, and you felt like a princess! In Jazz and Tap class, I feel like I'm in the sixties......funky music time! In production, since the theme is a spanish, I feel like I'm in the cuban nightclub from I love Lucy, and Ricky Ricardo is standing there singing the music!

The performance: I love the excitement and achieving feel of performing! I have learned that as long as you do your best, you have led a wonderful performance. I will be performing my Jazz/Tap in two recitals this year, solo in one, production in three, and ballet play in three. I'm excited! :) I will also be competing this year which I'm excited about now!

The opportunities: There are so many opportunites! Competions....production...solos, duets, trios, quartets, Russian Nutcracker, or as me and mom call it, Nussian Rutcracker....that is where the news comes in. I tried out for the nutcracker! This was my first year to try out, and I GOT A PART! Yeah, in the world touring real MOWCOW'S RUSSIAN NUTCRACKER BALLET! :) I'm a party guest! I'm soooo excited! :) :D And my "big sister", Frankie is in it too! :0 Haha like my smileys?

Well, thanks for stopping by! I'm slowly getting more and more time, so I'll try to get on blogger land more!

God bless, and give someone a hug today,
Love, Joy =D


Janene said...

Oh Joy! That is such exciting news!
I am so happy for you!
And what wonderful reasons to love dance...I love your slippers!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Congrats Joy, I would love to see you dance. I know you are sooo good at it.
Ms. Molly

Madison said...

Thats great that your so passinate about dancing! Maybe if you keep going with this you will end up in Juliard or something like that! And I love classical music they play for dance too!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh Joy, my Jenny loved dance for all those reasons too. And I loved it along with her.

Congratulations on getting the part! WAY TO GO!! I am so excited for you!!

ghomeschool said...

Congrats on your Rutcracker part. LOL I hope we can come see you in it.

Karen said...

Yay, Joy!! I'm very happy for you! :) Ms. Karen

green gables girl said...

Wonerful post, Joy!

Congrats! I wish I could see you do it!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I'm proud of you! I can't wait until the performance!

I LOVED your 10 things about dance...and I LOVE you!


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