Saturday, September 19, 2009

(Late) Faithful Fridays!

Hi there, my bloggin' buds! I'm so sorry I didn't do Faithful Fridays on time. We were going CRAZY looking for a song to do with my solo. Yes, Ms. T said we couldn't do La Bamba or Stupid Cupid (the first two we suggested). She said a Spanish wouldn't work for reasons she couldn't tell mom thinks that we're doing a Spanish theme for our production number. Production is where all the "company" members, Juniorettes(that's me!), Juniors, and Seniors, get together and do one big dance. Like...there is a part where all categories perform one song, then it changes to a different song for each a medley. It's really cool. And last year, they did a GOSPEL medley! It was called Rocka my Soul, and in one song they "baptized" two little girls from Juniorettes. They'd climb up "stairs" which were really older girls' backs, then they'd fall back and be "babtized"! It was really cool and at the end they made three crosses. It was just awesome. We've played it over and over. LOL And Stupid Cupid wouldn't work because someone my age did a solo to that recently.

Well on with the post.

For this Faithful Friday's post, I'm thankful that we finally found a song that would work. My teacher had said that she would look up the song "Tell me Something I Dont' Know" by Selena Gomez. I believe it's number 3 on my playlist down at the bottom of my sidebar. Well she emailed us back yesterday afternoon while I was on break from school and these were her exact words:

"I looked up Tell me Something I Don't Know. I like it. Very fun. Let's use it."

Mom yelled to me, and we had ourselves a little party! Haha. We were sooo happy. That was like a hundred pounds off our shoulders.

So that's what I'm thankful for. Also, We visited our friend from the Ozarks that has cancer. He's in the hospital. He just had his surgery yesterday. He's not doing very well. He's hurting really bad, but it's not from the surgery. It's from his arthritis. It's in his arms, and for about tenn hours, in the surgery, he had his arms down by his side. really flared it up. He can't even feed himself. But, the surgery DID go well. He's supposed to go home today. Please keep him in your prayers.

Well, that's about it.

If you participated in Faithful Fridays, please let me know in your comment, and I'll stop by. But please comment anyway! I love hearing from you!!

And thanks for all the good song suggestions. They actually led to a lot of ideas.

God bless,
Love, Joy


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I'm glad we have that song thing settled too...such a relief and I like it!

I'm so thankful that Richard's surgery went well! God is good!

I participated in Faithful Fridays too!

Love you! 10!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Joy,,,I am enjoying your Faithful Friday!!! I wanted to share that I am thankful that my family is together and healthy. My dh lost his job this week and I am thankful that we are here to support each other!!! God is Good. Dianntha

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